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The CJ3A Page


The CJ3A page was created by Jonathan George, also known on the Forum pages as Jeep Rescue. When his business interests began to focus more on Land Rovers he offered the website up for sale, and eventually in the summer of 2012, the membership of the forums bought him out after a brief fund drive. Sponsor members here have either helped to purchase the website originally or have donated funds to keep the website going. The CJ3A page now is a member owned website and forum, with participation from all over the world, by members who have an interest in all things jeep.

We are striving to be a family oriented website with forum participation by anyone who likes these old jeeps. We are not limited by any advertising, and depend only on the goodness of members to keep this website running as well as to provide quality content. You do not have to own a 3A to participate. Be warned, that jeeps do not like to live alone, and if you do get a 3A , another will most likely follow.

Jonathan wrote this about the origins of the 3A page:

It was 2003 and I was looking for a new Willys project to restore. After some research I settled on a CJ3A, mainly due to the lower production numbers and scarcity. In my research on the 3A, I discovered that there wasn't a ressource for 3A enthusiasts on the internet. It seemed that everyone was focused on 2As and 3Bs in the flatfender world. I spoke with both owners of the 2A and 3B pages and both agreed that a separate 3A Page was in order, and thus began the 3A Page and my love affair with the 3A. What really helped build up the website was the fact I was in the midst of restoring my own 3A - Eugene - and was able to provide a lot of the technical content for the tech section, and also sought out as much advertising and history as I could. I'm fairly certain I eventually got my hands on most, if not all, of the print advertising for the 3A during its short life span. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Bob Westerman (CJ3A Information Page), and Derek Redmond (CJ-3B Page) who were instrumental in providing guidance and technical help, and also allowed me to pull information and repost from their websites. In addition, I wish to thank Roberto Flores, who provided the logo for the 3A Page, which depicts Eugene (my 3A), with me driving and my yellow lab Anna in the passenger seat.