Derek Redmond's CJ-3B Page.  TONS of useful info on the 3B

The CJ-2A page.  Same deal, lot's of info on the 2A.

eWillys is updated daily with vintage jeeps for sale.

WillysTech.  A great resource for info on all Willys vehicles.  Includes a good parts board. is dedicated mostly to military type vehicles, but does have 3A info.  Dedicated to flatfender jeeps, both military and civilian, and their repair and restoration.

GPW - MB - CJ 2A/3A/3B - MC/M38  Visual Reference site.  Great site with images of engine blocks, data plates, and frames.

Farm Jeep

Great website devoted to the Farm Jeep!

Bob Westerman's CJ-3A Information Page Mike Hardesty's page dedicated to his 3A and other Willys topics. Bruce Agan's page dedicated to DJ-3A surrey gala and other Willys topics.

ScoutPilot forum about old Willys carburetor.
Great knowledgeable guy.