Eugene The Jeep (My 1950 CJ-3A)


Welcome to Eugene's very own page devoted to his frame-off restoration. 

I found Eugene on Ebay of all places and thankfully the CJ-3A was only about 20 miles from me.  I drove over the next day to look at him and fell in love.  For the most part, he was all original and in pretty good condition.  He came from Seattle, so there was a little rust, but nothing major.  I purchased the 3A and towed him home.  After searching through the paperwork, I found the 2nd original owners' email address and decided to contact them.  To my surprise, they were more than eager to provide a history of the 3A and will be sending a few original photos!  Click here for a history of Eugene.

The first time I start a rebuild I first ask myself what kind of vehicle do I want this to be.  In the case of Eugene, I want a brand new, fully restored 3A just as it rolled off the factory line.

I also keep a restoration log to keep track of how much time I spend each day working on the project.  Click on the link, or here for more info.

Initial Pics

Stripping Eugene down

Pulling the Drivetrain

Rebuilding the L134

Frame Work

Axles & Brakes


Rebuilding the Carter W-O Carb

Axles Meet Frame, Frame Meets Axles

Transmission and Transfer Case



The Rolling Chassis Is Complete!

Body Work

Body Work Part 2


Restoration Details

Rims & Tires


Installing Original Steps

Eugene Poses for the Camera

Building and Installing a Backseat

Restoring a Harrison Heater

Restoring Dualmatic Hubs

Installing the Correct Pushrod Starter Linkage

Installing a Rear PTO

Installing an Original Canvas Top

Installing an Overdrive

New Tires & Rims

Installing a PTO behind an overdrive


Installing a PTO winch


Fabricating a Gas Can Carrier

Installing a Novi Engine Governor

Installing a 6 volt Optima battery

22 October 2007 - UPDATE!

Sadly, Eugene has been sold to a gentleman in Germany.  I wish the buyer the best of luck and hopefully Eugene will be well taken care of.....