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Ok, the oil canister hoses are in, and all is well with the world. Thanks, all!

The PO told me that the canister had been disconnected by the PPO over 20 years ago. The PO’s mechanic told him that there was no real reason to reconnect it, but to make sure he changed the oil regularly, which he did. The PO did not recall why his mechanic suggested this.

Rus: Yes, there is a 45* fitting underneath the canister. It had been plugged off. The new hose attached to that fitting and then went straight to the timing cover. I used a new brass fitting to connect that line to the timing cover. Both hoses, from KW, fit fine.

As to your last sentence: the earlier problem I had with my CJ6 throwing oil everywhere led to my replacing both canister hoses. There was no fitting below the canister, and those hoses are believed to have been original vintage. Again, both hoses from KW fit fine.
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