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Author Topic: Carb/ govenrnor linkage pic request  (Read 69 times)

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Carb/ govenrnor linkage pic request
« on: January 13, 2021, 08:41:34 AM »
Good morning,

Been working on our '54 CJ3B with an existing governor that was already installed. We replaced the existing carb with a solex.
Since the solex side linkage is slightly different, the crossover bar/linkage from the solex to the govenrnor bellcrank bar has some interference. It hits the bottom spark plug wiring loom at full throttle. Possible fixes- it appears we could raise the loom or rotate 180 towards the firewall.

Just asking if anyone has experienced this small issue and came up with a solution. Pictures are worth a 1000 words.

Thank you!
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Re: Carb/ govenrnor linkage pic request
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2021, 09:36:04 AM »
With the ongoing documented issues around Solex carbs, you may want to consider having the original carb "rebuilt" instead of "more changes", for a longer run without issues.  Just a thought out loud.  It will be interesting to see what others with more experience have to say.
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