CJ-3A Specs & Tech Tips


Rebuilding the L134

How To Replace Your Windshield Glass

Removing Warn Overdrive

Rebuilding the T-90

Rebuilding the Model 18 Transfer Case

By Rick Stivers

By Doug h
Figure 57

Fuel Pump Info


Installing a Hurricane Engine in a 3A

Everything You Every Wanted To Know About Hubs

Starters & Ring Gears

Restoring a Harrison Heater


Dual Output PTO with Overdrive

The Hesse Hornet Air Compressor

Installing an Overdrive


Replacing the Model 18 Intermediate Shaft

Installing a PTO winch


Installing a Rear PTO


Installing a PTO behind an overdrive


Fabricating a Gas Can Carrier


Rebuilding the Carter W-O Carb


Restoring a Fiber Drum Pulley


Rebuilding the Ramsey 200R Winch


Dualmatic Hub Installation Instructions

Carter Carb Maintenance & Rebuilding

Tailgate Chains

Rear PTO Shaft Rebuild

Willys Air Cleaners



Firewall Map & Wiring Diagrams

Installing Front Turn Signals

Installing a 6 volt Optima battery



Body Work


Installing an Original Canvas Top


Installing Original Steps


Building and Installing a Backseat


Reproduction Body Installation

Original Step Installation Instructions


Original Wheel Pinstripes

Factory Changes

Paint Chips

Interesting Parts

Exact size 4 Wheel Drive Stencils



CJ-3A Engine Casting & Serial Numbers

Tech Drawings

Restoration Help

My Restoration Log

Restoration Tools

Correct 3A Detail Photos



Operation and Care Manual

CJ-3A Owners Manual

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Brake Tips

Mechanical Tips

Electrical Tips:

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Body and Interior Tips

Miscellaneous Tips