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EVERYTHING ELSE, General tips / CJ3B Car Cover
« Last post by Chuck W. on Today at 07:02:48 PM »
I am looking for a good dust cover for my CJ3B. Right now, I am using a very cheap single layer car cover just to try to keep the dust off, and it's not doing a very good job. I'd like to protect the expensive paint job!!  I'd really like to find one that will cover the jeep, without the top, but with the windshield up. So far, I haven't found anything like that, all are for use with a top. What are you guys using?

BODY and trim / Re: Seat Bottom Springs?
« Last post by Chuck W. on Today at 06:44:11 PM »
My tension springs were in good shape, so I reused them. Looks like McMaster-Carr has 36" lengths of extension spring stock in all diameters that would probably work in this application.

My M38 has foam blocks from WeeBee which don't give very much. The original springs in my 1964 CJ3B seats are very comfortable, much more so than the M38 seats.

Mice got into my seats and started pulling the cotton batting out and also looks like the burlap is getting a little rotten, so at some point, I am going to try to remove the original vinyl covers and replace the stuffing.
BODY and trim / Re: Seat Bottom Springs?
« Last post by 1955CJ-5 on Today at 02:44:24 PM »
My CJ-5 still has the original seat springs. The driver side is getting a little soft as you might expect.

Using the ebay springs for replacement parts is a good idea.

Do you have a source for the small tension springs that are arranged in an "X" between the coils? I found that tightening those helped firm up the seat a bit, but they are tired too....

I only sat in a 3b once, so don't recall if it is more like the 3a or the cj-5 in terms of leg room and seat height. I wouldn't mind sitting a little lower in the 3a but the leg room would suffer a bit....the 6" foam pads are plenty firm, I've been waiting 4 or 5 years for them to soften up a bit but they are not giving way at all...
Once You've Joined / DavidSpainCJ3A FORUM INTRODUCTION
« Last post by DavidSpainCJ3A on Today at 01:41:27 PM »
Dear all,

My name is David, Im from Spain and would like to introduce myself to everybody. I own a CJ3A, bought it 13 years ago and I completely rebuilt it, or so I tried, well think I did not do it badly because everything seems to work more or less OK and nothing exploded so far...

My 3A comes from the Spanish Air Force that got it from the American Plan Marshall aid by the end of the 50s.  After serving about 20 in the army it went to the civil market and after a couple of owners it arrived to me. Its current plate number is dated november 1975 in Madrid.

The 3A is completely in stock status, it keeps the 6V electical system, (I do not have intention to change it to 12v because it starts brightly provided the battery is well charged).  The only changes are that the spare wheel was changed to the aft side and a petrol can holder was also bolted there.

The only change I made has been to substitute one strange Spanish carburettor he had by the quite common SOLEX PBIC32 like the French M201s.  Yes, you are right, the CARTER is the right one, (and the thirsty), but gasoline in Spain averages 1,5$ per litre, maybe in the future when I am a rich man....

Now I am in the process of getting the historical clasification from the government so I can drive it without restrictions as it came from the factory, (curiously TOLEDO, Ohio like the TOLEDO we have in Spain).

Well, I will send some pictures of it, sure you will like them and I am sure I will need your experience and knowledge to fix a couple of things.

Best regards.

BODY and trim / Re: Seat Bottom Springs?
« Last post by Rus Curtis on Today at 01:22:41 PM »
I have seen images of earlier jeeps with thinner cushions.  I used Beachwood for my seat kits and they tried to sell me thinner seat cushions explaining that many customers ordered that (I believe it was more for girth clearance vs. height) vs. the original thickness.  I wanted stock height appearance so got the thicker bottom.  I would think that the most important factor is will the thinner version hold your weight? 

At $20 it almost seems worth the cost to experiment.
BODY and trim / Re: Seat Bottom Springs?
« Last post by Chuck W. on Today at 11:17:40 AM »
I bought one set of seat bottom springs from Matt, it was complete except for the small springs between the coils, but very rusty. I just used it for parts to replace two broken coil springs in my original seat.

Once You've Joined / Welcome mike73
« Last post by Forum Master on Yesterday at 09:00:34 PM »
Welcome to the CJ DJ 3A 3B Willys Community Forum mike73!

Tell us more about you and your Willys!

We love pics so don't be afraid to post pics of your Willys.
Here we like any kind of them!

You will find a lots of smart people here that are willing to help.
Enjoy your stay,
Pascal and all forum members

I took it apart again and measured. The bolt is .436" so 7/16, as Rus had posted, ought to work.

I annealed the old washer and put it back together and ordered crush washers from Summit racing.

Hmm, what is a slider?
The pump arm on this pump is constructed of probably 4 layers of steel to form the thickness necessary for the  "arm". The 4 layers did not stack that smoothly, and that was another concern. The 4-layer arm directly contacts the cam eccentric. Since the 4 layers are not that smooth, the point of contact is probably on one of the layers that stand proud, which means a small contact patch.
Perhaps I should do a very minor grind and polish?

As for ZDDP, I did not use any ZDDP additive. Just passenger car 10W-40. I've only just recently "schooled" myself on oils so I intend to use a 10W-30 "diesel" oil with an API rating of CJ-4 or even CK-4. These oils (at least the Motorcraft versions) have good levels of "ZDDP". (Too much ZDDP can be BAD too)

You are experiencing normal spring tension. Does the pump arm have a slider on it?
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