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brake bleed with a dual master, air in the front lines


tow hook:
i've started to bleed the brakes on my 3b, the rears went great, the fronts not so much. i have air in the front lines, both side ( looks like carbon aided water ) the master in low in the frame, and the front lines go up, and across the frame. so the master isn't the highest point. i've tryed gravity bleed with no luck. any thoughts ? i even got a vacuum bleeder, and it really didn't do much :( it wasn't the magical device i had hoped for

fyi:  i did do a dual master, and disc up front

You can try a 2# brake line check valve for disc brakes to keep pressure, but no drag, on the front lines to prevent sucking air in.  A 10# can be used if desired for the rear drum types, since you have a "dual line master" now.  Attached is a pic of my "single line master" with 10# check valve for "drums" installed.  Since you said you installed disc fronts, I saw an article on "self bleeding valves for disk brakes" you may want to check into.  Good Luck!

tow hook:
thanks, herm's kit has the valve built in. i will email him. an see what he has to say, shoulda done that first....


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