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How to put a new steering wheel on?


I purchased a puller and successfully(?) removed my old steering wheel.  Now I am trying to get the new wheel [1] on, I can't get it on enough to start threading the nut.  Before I start doing something stupid, is there any wisdom on this?



Hi Chris,
I purchased the same steering wheel for a 3A.  I couldn't get it to seat far enough to install the horn button.  I cleaned up the steering shaft splines with a varied set of mini- files from Harbor Freight.  This helped quite a bit, but I still had to use a block of wood and a mini-sledge hammer to get it on enough to set the button.

Don't forget some anti-seize in case you need to take it off again.


--- Quote from: SteveKfl on June 19, 2020, 10:40:04 PM ---Don't forget some anti-seize in case you need to take it off again.

--- End quote ---

Thanks.  I put grease on it.  But maybe I'll clean it up, and switch to anti-seize.

I pulled the wheel off, rotated it so a different spoke pointed down.  Drove a couple miles to a friends, as I left his house the wheel settled on and exposed 3-4 threads worth of the shaft.  Tightened it down, nut is on a bit over half way.  Progress.


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