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Author Topic: Beautiful Colorado late summer day.  (Read 269 times)

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Beautiful Colorado late summer day.
« on: September 03, 2019, 01:21:45 AM »
We had just returned from the San Juan’s. We go there annually (for the past seven summers) for a week of wheeling with like minded CJ owners. Most of us have either CJ5’s or CJ7’s but an occasional flatfender or TJ occasionally sneaks in. Back at my shop in Colorado Springs, three of us made a decision to go up Rampart Range Road for a shake down drive in my fairly recently acquired 1949 CJ3A. It was a beautiful day - not a cloud in the sky, warm temperature and a very slight breeze. A perfect day to lay the windshield down and feel the cool breeze on the face.
It was a Sunday afternoon so traffic was moderate and a good number of them gave us the “thumbs up”. In fact, one guy with his lady waved us down to tell us that he would much rather be doing what we were doing in a 1949 Willy’s than what he was doing in his new Razer.
Things went swimmingly. We had a great time. My friend, Chuck, from Plymouth, MA had driven my TJ along as a “chase car”, in case we might have mechanical problems with the ‘3A. We turned onto a trail system which meanders up and along the Rampart Range and which eventually dead ends at a point which overlooks the Air Force Academy. This trail system is fairly heavily used by quad drivers and this day was no exception. I had last been on the trail about ten years prior and my memory was a bit fuzzy but no worry - my TJ had a GPS which left bread crumbs so we couldn’t get lost if we wanted to. Anyhow, why worry - the scenery was great and we were having a great time. Such a good time that we failed to notice that it had become overcast and the forest had taken on ominous overtones. The lightning bolt about 100 yards off to our 3 o’clock and the almost instantaneous crack of thunder brought us back to stark reality. The TJ had a top so Chuck and his cousin Rad (who had been riding with me and who abandoned me for the TJ at the first raindrop) were high and dry. Me, not so much so. Luckily, I had a good old GI parka with me and I put it on ASAP.
It rained by the bucketful and the electrical storm was truly spectacular while it lasted. Not having the good sense to park the flatfender and get in the TJ, I toughed it out while retracing our path and rediscovered the joys of attempting to stay at least partially dry (and warm) in a GI poncho. Before we had gotten as far back as the Rampart Range Road it had stopped raining and the late afternoon sunshine had returned. We enjoyed the trip back down the mountain and the end of the road in Garden of the Gods.
Just another day in paradise.   8)

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Re: Beautiful Colorado late summer day.
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2019, 09:57:10 AM »
Wow! That sounds like an adventure!  The tool kit "needs" a poncho for sure!
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