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Choosing a member name.
« on: December 05, 2011, 11:27:51 AM »
Hi again guys and gals...I have a small request for those of you considering joining up here at the CJ DJ 3A 3B Willys Community forums ....You need to choose a user name that makes sense to the rest of us here, hopefully something descriptive of who you are or what your jeep is. I have found over my time as an admin that 99 percent of the spammers use a certain format to their user names and if you request a user name in the common spammer format I will ask that you change it. For obvious reasons I will not tell you what that format is unless you ask me to give you a name in that format.

The length limit is 18 characters. A bit shorter would be OK.

And no spaces please. The forum software won't allow spaces in a username.

Nonsensical names also will be denied. Names that look like someone was trying to invent a new English word using ten or more letters are a no go.

Mikes52jeep  Billscollection  JDFred   NYjeeper  Junkyardlurker   Claycountyjeeps all are good.

oviodeliciously  enlargeitnow  freedvds  clickhereforcanadianmeds  123qurfo83nh  and mike22  are not good.

Thanks.....Hopefully this isn't too demanding or authoritative... 8-)
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