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Re: MDJuan Tubs - the official feedback thread
« Reply #90 on: March 10, 2016, 01:10:12 PM »
I took everyones advise and bought Classic Enterprises parts I bought everything from the Cowl seam to the Cowl seam except the Fender boxes and the floor (I am doing something different for the floor) And the parts appear to be extremely well made But even with Classic there are some WTF's the Gas tank fill hole was scribed on the right side panel!!! and while this is not necessarily Classics fault one of the Rear Side panels showed up with the curve at the top pushed in to far so instead of a 90 degree its more like a 110 degree curve. I am sure this happened in shipping and will only be a few min to fix (hopefully). I have not assembled any of the parts yet that will show just how good they are. I do really wish the Lower cowl sections had come with either the Blind nuts for the fenders or at least the holes punched. Though I guess I may be glad they aren't when it comes to alignment.

At this point besides the original fender boxes (which I maybe replacing the sides on with DIY panels) the Tunnel, Firewall Top Cowl and Dash. I bought with shipping $1100.00 in New Classic Ent. metal and for the parts I am DIYing (the flat front floor the top of the tool box and rear floor) another $225.00 in local sourced steel some luckily from a used place.�

we will see how my plan works out.
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Re: MDJuan Tubs - the official feedback thread
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Are those side steps available in the states?