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Guidelines for posting here on the 3A page...
« on: September 29, 2012, 09:40:39 PM »
A couple things to be aware of when posting here on the 3A page.... When we took over the page I promised that we would keep the forums free of the sort of things that have caused other forums to eventually fail or become a small clique that nobody wanted to join. We are doing pretty well in that regard, but I want to put out a couple ideas and thoughts while there is no controversy going on.

Please refrain from being political in your postings. It is easy to do, especially during the election, but we want to keep the focus on jeeps, jeeping, and general 4WD fun stuff. If you avoid mentioning political parties and candidates,conservatives and liberals, �you will have a good start on keeping the 3A page politics free. One only has to visit the G503 board to see what unchecked politics can do to a board.......they finally had to drop their politics board that only members could see, and still the moderators have a battle on their hands almost daily. A lot of folks left the G 503 due to the political junk that was clogging the boards...

We also have pledged to keep the forum religion free as well. Again, it is hard to do sometimes, I know. Please try anyway.

Bashing, Flaming, Trolling , and generally trashing other members here also will not be tolerated. Please keep your discussions civil and if things get heated, it might be a sign that people need to take it back a notch or two... �

And lastly, this is a PG rated forum. We would like to be able to have young jeepers participate and be members if they would like, so post what would be appropriate for the younger set to be reading. I don't think I need to say more about that. Pictures need to be G rated too. Naked jeeps are the only naked bodies we need to see NOTE: THE FORUM SOFTWARE WILL CHANGE CERTAIN SWEAR WORDS AND COARSE LANGUAGE TO ALTERNATIVE PHRASES AT TIMES>>>>>SO if you type something and it comes out completely different that is why....... ;D

As moderators, John and I can and will delete posts that do not follow these rules. I will attempt to notify users who have breached the rules in these areas and give them an opportunity to edit their own post first, but repeated offenses can result in posts disappearing without notice. Of course if we get someone in here who �just can't control their urges to be controversial and offensive, banning is an option.

If you see a post that seems to be aginst the spirit of what we are doing here, feel free to PM any administrator with the details. Sometimes we may miss reading every single post and something can slip thru the cracks.....(especially any SPAM)

Moderator /Administrator hat off, back to jeeps, greasy fingernails, and fun!
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Jeep Cavalcade-69th Anniversary - Hemet Ca 4/6/19
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2019, 06:41:38 PM »
Willys Jeeps and Flat Fenders Welcome
Sorry for the short notice.
Next month will be the 69th anniversary of the De Anza Jeep Cavalcade aka Hemet-Borrego Jeep Cavalcade. Some 400 vehicles, mostly Willys Jeeps, went on this epic off-roading event April 2,1949. (See this great article from Desert Magazine that summarized the event below)
To celebrate the anniversary a few flat fenders will be getting together on April 6th and will be retracing the original route, as much as possible.� There might be several starting points, but the main one will be in Hemet and as in the first run we will travel south through Battista Canyon, stop in Anza for a snack and photo shoot and then head out to Coyote Canyon trail head. Coyote Canyon part of the trail is for the brave at heart and there is only one way in and one way out so I�m sure some of us will stop there.
More details to follow.

Contact me if your interested and we�ll get the details nailed down.
Steve Bovee
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