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Thanks for the ideas, I will take it out in the next few weeks and have a look.

It is going into 3rd but the action is not exactly rifle like and then it does not like to stay there. I am hoping it is a missing or broken poppet ball as it looks an easy fix with the top off.

In the meantime I have bought a small parts kit from Walcke's for the T90 as it has lots of bits including the poppet balls and was only 26 bucks. As i was buying most of the emergency brake parts it was only a little extra on the bill.

I am quite looking forward to getting it apart!!

My newly aquired 3A is running well except for 3rd gear. With my foot down it will pop out evry few seconds, no willingness to stay in there.

I read that popping out of 2nd gear is common.

Any ideas?

Fusible links were commonly fitted to later Jeeps such as the Cj5 and Cj7, they were positioned in two locations:

1. From the solenoid going to the fuse box and instrument panel and hence most of the harness
3. From the solenoid to the alternator feed.

The headlights and starter did not have fusible links, for safety reasons on the headlights (they have a momentary circuit breaker) and the starter would have knocked one out fairly regularly.

The purpose is to protect the harness from melt down, not individual items from blowing fuses. They are a little more than just a piece of wire in a flameproof sleeve but still fairly cheap.

A good investment in an old Willys.

The sun gets awful hot here so my wife wants a summer top instead of driving with the windshield down and a big pair of shades.

The problem is the Willys is a bitsa so nothing is an automatic choice.

The windshield is a CJ3a, possibly on a Cj2a or 3a tub, and there are MB bows.

The look is military so it needs to be a military style (MB, M38) summer top rather than a Bestop. I could order a Bestop as it comes with its ow frame but the look would be wrong, it needs to be green canvas.

Now as far as I can make out the differences between a MB and CJ3a/M38 dimensionally would be:

The top of the windshield is 3" higher
The measurement from top of windshield to back of tub is 1" longer
The MB bows are mounted differently to the M38 bows, as well as being made a little differently.

The question is this, is it possible with the MB bows to order a top for an M38? Are there other off-the-shelf options? Are they even the same size when erected?

I had a quote of $650 to make a summer top from a reputable specialist in the US who knows his onions but this seems a little steep. I can go to $400 but beyond that and I am uncertain it is a wise buy.

Any thoughts?

Photos attached of the CJ.


I have had Little Willy for a few months now and one thing I found was that the shiny green oil bath Donaldson air cleaner was missing its oil bath. Hence it was not filtering anything.

I struggled to confirm it was an FAE07 and then struggled to find the oil bath and screen. I would have liked to have kept it.

Then I started looking for a replacement and here it is, a Donaldson G070020. Brand new it is a 7" diameter filter (same diameter as per one fitted in 1951). It has two stages, the first one uses inertia and changing airflow to dump dirt (much as an FAE07 did, but it is self cleaning through a hose) and then there is finer filtration through a paper filter suitable for a more modern or diesel engine.

The capacity is around 400cfm and it will filter finer than an oil bath (not that it needs to). It is oversize for the L134 but should give years of service.

The only drawback is that the outlet looks larger than the 60 year old one and it is clearly not period correct (but filters the air).

Cost was only $80 plus shipping. 

If I find an oil bath I will put the old one back on and use this for my J20.

Electrical Systems / Re: Volt Gauge or Amp Gauge
« on: May 20, 2015, 03:36:12 AM »
Vehicles with Alternators did sometimes come with ammeters, AMC were doing this into the 80s. They are just showing the battery circuit is charging, which is a little bit hit or miss with generators.

Whether or not you want to keep it is debatable, the way it is wired is to take the power cable into the meter and out the other side. In a short circuit under the instrument panel this makes full battery power available to the fire and puuuuf.

Voltmeters can be wired a lot more safely and are just as informative.

Once You've Joined / Re: Hello from Bali
« on: April 27, 2015, 01:40:34 AM »
I can now confirm, having had a closer look at numbers and rubbings, that it is a 1951 CJ3a frame with a 1949 engine.

The frame number on the frame leg at the front has "GB1" in the middle of it, so a 1951 CJ3a for certain.

Just looking through the rest of the bits to check vintage on the other parts.

The confusion in the mid 80s when registration became mandatory may explain why it was labelled as a 1947 CJ2a when it was actually later. The numbers match the logbook so it was properly registered in the mid 80s, just nothing before that.

Looking at a 1951 M38 this weekend, same source. May be a 2011 JK!!!

Once You've Joined / Re: Hello from Bali
« on: April 15, 2015, 10:09:32 PM »
And one more

Once You've Joined / Re: Hello from Bali
« on: April 15, 2015, 10:06:23 PM »
And a few more

Once You've Joined / Hello from Bali
« on: April 15, 2015, 10:01:42 PM »
I have a few Jeeps (CJ7s, a J20, an XJ Cherokee) but my wife has always hankered after another Willys to replace the 3B her stepmother sold when she was overseas.

We were in Java a few weeks back and a regular contact told of a "1947 CJ2a" for sale.

We had a look and it is a bitsa, done to a high standard but bits from different models.

It has the L head engine, the right transmisison etc and is rust free.

The windshield is 3a (hence on this forum, for windshield questions!!) and maybe other bits. There are M38 and MB bits on it as well as other military bits from unknown eras.

It is green and may well have been in the military, a lot of early Willys were including MBs and CJ2a seized from the Dutch on independence. 

As I work through I will try to identify which model each part came from but it is a nice period drive.

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