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"Modifications"-- Technical Questions, Answers, Incites / Re: v6 swap
« on: December 29, 2014, 05:28:29 PM »
I have a set of block hugging Sanderson headers for my 225. They should fit your motor and sit inside the frame on your 3A. I think you can call Sanderson in South San Francisco and order a set.

Well, if it is not a hassle and doesn't look like a deformity... wonder if I could find a CJ5 225 frame with the motor mounts still in it?

Thanks, Cadwelder. Much appreciated.

Thanks. If the CJ5 frame is 3" longer, it sounds like some surgery would be needed - on the frame or the tub. Probably won't go there.

Is the CJ3B frame the same (or nearly so) as the CJ3A frame?

Thanks again,


If you don't already have a frame/chassis I'd look for a factory V6 CJ5 chassis.� It'll have the engine mounts, longer springs, and a 19 spline dana 44.

That's a good idea... any idea how much trouble it is to fit a 2A tubs to the CJ5 chassis?


I bought a newly built 225 V6 (Offy DP intake, Sanderson headers, Comp Cams RV grind, new lifters, pistons, etc.) from a member on the earlyCJ5 BBS. Now planning on a Ford T18 with advanced adaptors short bell housing. I will need to sort out frame mounts for the motor and trans, etc.

Here's the engine:

Duffer -- Thanks for the advice. I can't imagine a tranny that is 50lbs. heavier than the SM420 I wrestled out of the back of my truck the other day. Since I already have it and it's in good shape, I'll likely use it. I am hoping that I will be able to move the engine forward a bit to help compensate for the additional length. Not sure how much I can get without firewall or other issues.

I have had zero issues with the D25 in my current 2A. I have a Warn FF rear w/ a Lock Right in the D41 with Warn Internal Hubs. This is a strong combo with beefy chrome moly axles. If I can buy a 3A chassis, then I can start with a D44 and build it.

Thanks again.

Thanks, Nate. I was thinking I would use a standard BOP bell with a Jeep flywheel to attach the SM420 to the engine. Novak's has an adaptor for the SM420 to D18.

Not sure if I will have to removes the factory battery tray or how I will route the steering around the factory 225 exhaust. Ought to be a fun project, tho'.

I am completing my 2A build to stock specs (with a few exceptions). Now contemplating building a modified Jeep.

I have a good '48 lefty tub, an SM420, and am about to buy a running (complete) 225 V6 being removed from a Commando, which I will mate to a Spicer 18 Tcase. I would like to put all this in a 3A chassis with Dana 44 rear and (possibly) a Dana 27 front. Saginaw PS probably.

I think this has been done about a zillion times, but are there any gotcha's in assembling all this stuff?


A landcruiser 3B (4 cyl) diesel would work - have to use all Toyota drivetrain. Ditto for the old Nissan diesels. Isuzu makes a good small diesel.

Check out the CJ2APage under modifications. Daniel Buck has a nice write up on his Kubota transplant. He was able to use the Willy T90 and D18 without alterations.

I would like to know the resistor value, if it is not inconvenient.


Electrical Systems / Re: Upgrading the stock 6V system
« on: March 13, 2014, 03:51:34 AM »
Do you know how much current those sealed beam draw?

These are probably 65 watts on high beam. That would equal 10.8 amps EACH on a 6 volt system.

Chassis, brakes and suspension. / Re: Correct grease for steering knuckles
« on: February 17, 2014, 11:44:43 AM »
Lucas has a product called Hub Oil - a thick, pudding-like oil that they say is formulated specifically for steering axle hubs and trailer hubs. I am going to try this stuff in my hubs. It comes in a 1 quart squirt bottle.


Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Re: New Engine in Crate?
« on: January 25, 2014, 04:50:08 PM »
These engines were still being used for postal Jeeps in 1970. I did notice the missing throttle bracket. It has a different starter than either of my L134s, though.

Your Modified 3A Project / Re: New v6
« on: January 16, 2014, 11:07:10 PM »
Nice Jeep. I like the front suspension... got more photos?

Offenhauser offers a 225 Dual Port Intake Manifold that is supposed to provide a great low end and midrange.

I am noodling the idea of building a 225 and bolting up an SM 420.

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