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BODY and trim / Governor control hole in dash.
« on: June 04, 2019, 02:34:24 AM »
I think this is one for Bob.  My early CJ3A has an apparently factory hole for the governor control.  Was this a feature on all 3As or was it not on later models.  Mine is a very early 49. 

BODY and trim / Original seat cover colors
« on: May 19, 2019, 05:29:47 PM »
Hey folks, starting another project, I am redoing my seats and even though I think my seat covers ( what�s left of them) are original, but want to make sure.  Gray seems to be considered correct, but mine are red, and am wondering if this is a stock color.  Right now I am planning on building a set of springs to match my rusty ones, and trying my hand at sewing some covers.  I have enough pieces to make a decent pattern.  Yeah I know I could buy them, but that is too easy.  Anyway here is my current seat back.

BODY and trim / License plate holder?
« on: March 02, 2019, 10:56:25 AM »
Is this license plate holder somethinng the factory would have installed,or the dealer?� Do you think it is original to the Jeep?

Your CJ-3A Project / My 49 CJ3A
« on: July 30, 2018, 05:21:04 PM »
Well after only 35 years it is time to put her on the road again.  I was late draining her one fall and she froze and cracked.  Just finished stitching her wounds and getting ready to send her to my machinist.  Should be easy right?  Wrong!  Couple of head studs sheared, the pump housing cracked when I tried to remove the (mostly rust) shaft.  The fuel pump arm was frozen in place, apparently for a long time, because it scored the pump lobe on the cam.  So new fuel pump and cam.  Cylinders look good but will probably go .040 over and shave .035 off of the head to try to get to about 7:1 compression.  Anyway having fun.  Here she is, probably not going to paint her, patch a few holes, clean her up and go.

Your CJ-3A Project / That which was lost has been found!
« on: October 09, 2013, 05:34:59 PM »
So yesterday I tore into my combine to see why it was eating drive belts, and found that it would take about $8oo worth of parts to fix, but then I found these, so as far as I was concerned the day was a wash.� Why yes there is a story behind it, thanks for asking ;).� Back in 1969 when in the USAF I bought a '56' CJ5, in Anchorage AK, and when I looked over my new ride there were these funny looking hubs in the tool box.� Asked a friend who knew more about Jeeps then I (which was anything more than zero), and he said they were "free wheeling" hubs.� Well they looked pretty primitive to me, so tossed them back in the box and spent 60 bucks on a new set of state of the art Warn hubs.� When my tour was up a friend of mine and I decided to drive the Alcan home.� To make a long story short, 5,000 miles later (3,000 of which was flat towed behind a $600 '55' Chevy) she was back on the farm.� Blasted around for years, then one day for some long forgotten reason, cleaned out the jeep and tossed the hubs in the old chicken coop (along with parts from my '57' Chevy convertible.. sigh).� About 15 years ago the old coop was torn down and the stuff in it scattered.� A few years back I recalled the hubs after a discussion with my nephew (the proud owner of the '56' CJ), and wondered what ever became of them.� Made a couple of half hearted searches, and my Dad did not remember them at all, so kinda let it go.� Well when I started to get my '49' 3A ready to drive again, thought they would be really slick, so started a serious search.� Thought there might be a chance since my Dad never never threw anything away, that could possibly be used for something again.� �Spent hours looking all over, the barn, "new" chicken coop, garage, tool barn etc.� Found all the plow parts that came with the 3A, but not a sign of the hubs.� Then yesterday while working on one of my combine pulley hubs, looked up there on one of the 2x4's there she was, and� a couple of feet away the other one! :D� Right where they were stored 15 years ago.� Thanks Dad!� One is missing the inner bushing, but the needle bearings were all held in place by petrified grease so they are there.� Now to get them working again without disturbing the fine patina of grime on the outside. ;)

Your CJ-3A Project / CJ3A Preservation
« on: July 14, 2013, 02:20:28 AM »
So here she is, and if all goes according to plan she will look exactly the same when it hits the road, no paint, no patch panels.� Do have to do some mechanical work and seat covers but the rest will be left alone.� So this will be a preservation project, Keep it clean and dry and drive it.� There are some beautiful restoration jobs here, but that is just not for me.

Once You've Joined / New member old owner
« on: July 14, 2013, 12:38:11 AM »
Here I am, about time I joined, only had my CJ3A for 39 years LOL.� Bought my first Jeep in "69" up in Anchorage Alaska, a practically new "56" CJ5, man what fun up there.� Ran them in the mountains and on the tank trails of Fort Richardson (the Army post next door).� Had a plywood top till I put it on it's side in a gravel pit, had to kick my way out.� My buddy and I put in the first two pairs of Baja Buckets ever delivered to Alaska (so we like to think).� Beat the heck out of them for two years then two of us (Joe had a 57) took on the Alcan highway.� Got almost to the lower 48 and burned a hole in #4 piston.� That blew our chance to go to California, so I bought a 55 Chevy and found a ex Navy damage control guy to weld up a hitch and my buddy headed south with his CJ5 and I headed back east to New York with the CJ in tow.� Skip ahead about 35 years and my nephew wound up with it in Bellville IL (near St Louis MO) where it is slowly being brought back to life, helped put in brake lines a couple of weeks ago.� Bought the CJ3A down near greenwood lakes in "74" Had tons of fun with it (but no great adventures) till I forgot to drain the water one fall and wound up with a cracked block, so it went into storage in the farm tool barn until it collapsed under the snow load about 25 years ago (only a cracked windshield).� Stored it in a second barn until it collapsed under the snow load from Hurricane Sandy last winter.� Ok to wrap this up, dug it out this past weekend (again no damage) and decided it was time to get it going again.� Have a few missing parts because my late alcoholic brother in law decided to "fix" it and lost them and there is no asking him now.� With a little luck will have it rolling in a couple of months.

Cool!  Got the photo to load :)

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