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Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Steering Wheel Puller
« on: July 29, 2012, 10:08:25 AM »
Guys, I needed top pull my Steering wheel to replace the upper column bearing the other day, and I did not want to break the new wheel.  I talked to Louie Larson and he had a steering wheel puller that he borrowed me.  Great guy by the way.  Anyway here is some pictures of it, I thought anybody could copy it with a little ingenuity and the right sized C clamp.  Carl, maybe you could come up with one to sell?  Anyway here is the pics, its made by Mil Std Company, and it has fittings for multiple sixe wheels, we would only need one for jeeps.

Here is is all assembled on my wheel, it took all of about 10 seconds and my wheel popped off.

Just a big C clamp with a yoke on the bottom, the yoke has several fittings depending on the diameter of the column

These are the yokes

This is the whole set up, three yokes and three column inserts to protect the threads on the column

Here is the box, you can see the name and info on it if you look close.  I don't think it would take much to build one of these, let me know if you succeed, I'm going to try this winter as well

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Trailer and Tractor
« on: July 29, 2012, 10:29:44 AM »
This past spring we had a lot of discussion about what kind of trailer to buy, I finally got my head around that topic and thought I'd show you what I've got.  Also I've got a tractor on the trailer thats going to be in an auction on 8/16, so if you need a nice mower this one will be on IQbid.  

I bought a PJ 3000 lb trailer, I bought the PJ because its a heavy frame, the 3000 lb traler is the same frame as their 5500 lb trailer, the only diff is the axle and springs, it has a fold down ramp that folds 180 degrees and is spring assisted, it also has two ramps built in as side frames on the front.  Additionally all of the side frames come off so you have a full flat bed if you wanted to haul a car.  I added D rings, and then I replaced the springs wirth 4500lb springs, just to add some comfort on those occasions you don't want visible sag.  Its nice, here's some photos, it does not have brakes, but I think I can add them later if I need to.

This is a 1950 ish Farmall B Narrow, Rebuilt motor, with a 59 inch Woods mower

Here she is all loaded and ready for the auction, the plow in the previous picture is an International Little Genius, 14 inch slat bottom plow.

Thanks for listening

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Red Tails
« on: January 24, 2012, 07:47:59 PM »
We went to see Red Tails this weekend, my advice, don't listen to the reviews, go see the movie, its darn good !!! Its been a long time since I've been to a movie where the crowd applauded at the end, but they did for this one. �Some of the dialog is a little stiff, and the Cuba Gooding JR has a bit of a goofy character, but the flying is outstanding, and the planes are great!! �Lots of nice shots of our favorite critters doing their thing (Willys) and I'm no expert but I don't think they blew it on the vehicles, they all looked like 2As.

If I were you, I'd go!

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Meet Triple X
« on: January 15, 2012, 10:55:31 AM »
We've talked about this one for some time and I want to thank everyone that contributed to the revival. �Carlsjeep, Rocketeer, aboyandhisdog, athawk, commanche, commando, BobW, F-Bill. �All of you guys and awhole lot more have a seat in this ride, thank you.

Triple X at Rest

Added a roll bar from a Wrangler, with a storage pack from 4 wheel parts

Dash is pretty much standard, but I like the m38 throttle control better than standard, and I had to upgrade the tattle tale to a 12 v LED

This was cool, made a hand wiper from the extra parts from a broken vaccum wiper, driver side is electric

I found the everdry kit at, my willys came with the metal cups soI thought it should go back on

If you open this up there is a cup holder �;D

Full flow Oil Filter system, the Aero quip hoses were for fun

Frontal shot

Sun bathing in the front yard �8-)

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Brown Santa Strikes Again
« on: January 15, 2012, 11:04:56 AM »


Hope you guys enjoy this, I'm still laughing.

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Need a place to hunt
« on: December 19, 2011, 07:20:18 PM »
Need your help.  I've been hunting Mule Deer via Archery in Northwest North Dakota the last 5 years.  I got a Christmas card from my outfitter this last week where he advised that he was getting out of the business due to lions, disease and oil rig traffic.  I called a couple of other outfitters and they said the same thing.  Hemmoragic fever is killing the whitetails in droves and the lions are killing the Mule Deer at the rate of one deer per week per lion.

I'm looking for a place to hunt Mule deer this fall, wondering if anybody has a line on an outfitter.  Doesn't matter which state, I'm not afraid to drive for a good hunt, but I'm kind of frugal.


Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Old Iron
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:17:51 PM »
My Wife and I went to Forest City Days in Forest City MN this weekend, it was fun to see all the old Iron, even found a 2A that snuck in under the wire!!

This last one is pretty cool, it was found in a garage, of all places just like it is, its a Clark Air Drop Crawler, the military used them in WW2 to air drop into the jungle. �then they would use them to carve out an air strip large eonugh for gliders and DC3s to get in with the heavier equipment. �Not many ever came back to the states.

<a href=";current=ForestCity2011003.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="47 Willys"></a>

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Just like rabbits
« on: August 07, 2011, 04:01:01 PM »
About seven years ago I bought a Cherokee sport to use as a back up vehicle to pull the boat when my wife was travelling in the suburban, soon my son decide that he needed to drive the jeep cause it was cooler then a Malibu.  Three years ago I bought my 3A so I could work on it fix it up, finally got it running and well last fall my dad said to me "there is a nice M38A1 in Michigan, why don't you go make a deal on that and bring it home for me...  Two weeks ago we were having a family reunion in the black hills of south Dakota, driving the jeep and messing around.  I took my brother and his seven year old son for a ride... guess what, my brother just called, he is towing home a 1981 CJ seven.  And his son is just plain crazy about it.  Next week we are going to have a jeep rodeo at dads.  These jeeps need to get to know each other.  Is this normal jeep behavior, or do we need a doctor...

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Trip to Calvin
« on: August 04, 2011, 06:26:43 PM »
Good idea Carl!
Calvin I spend a lot of time in Utah and Northern Nevada for work, I'm going to be in Price the week of Labor day.  Won't be able to break free then but now that I know where you are I can try to plan a little extra time on the next trip.  Price looks like a project that may take some time.


Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Just Irritated
« on: May 11, 2011, 09:12:37 AM »
So you guys have been helping me along with my low oil pressure woes, so I thought I'd share the rest of the story.  I bought this old CJ and decided I sneak up on the resto, just in case it turned out to be bigger than me. it took 3 years but we got all the rotating gear done except the engine, did the body work, it looks OK, and then decided it was time for the engine.  Pulled out the old one, it was bored .80 over and was worn out, needed to be sleeved, and the crank was cracked.  

After some looking I found a Willys Reman that was built as a compressor engine, it was standard bore with about .003 wear, and good bearings.  Brought it home and took it to a guy, he did the valve job, compressor engines only run on two of the 4 cylinders.  Polished the crank, cleaned it all out , reinstalled.... Oil pressure problems, pulled the motor and found the rear seal had disintegrated and tore up the crank, cleaned out the engine again with brushes and brake cleaner, new bearings, new rope seal, pulled the oil galleys down, reinstalled, ran it about 30 miles and found my oil pressure at idle is 0 psi again.  

Took it home and dropped the center main bearing cap and Viola, bad bearings, took out the screen and let the oil in the pan settle and guess what I found?  When Willys remanned the engine they painted the inside of the block, looked like it was adhereing well and it did not come off when it boiled out so we didn't worry about it, guess what, paint chips all over the inside of the pan, its spalling off in chunks half the size of your finger nail, chewing up in the pump and killing the crank.  So she's coming out again and we have to get the paint out, I'm getting way too good at pulling this motor and rebuilding it.  Wife is wishing I had a girlfriend :'(

Website Feedback / Original Post on page bottom
« on: July 17, 2019, 11:55:48 AM »
I believe something changed in the way forum posts show up on my screen.  I was very used to reading posts in order by date from the top down, oldest to newest.  At some point that changed, the first post at the top of the page is now the most recent reply, not the original post.  I'm pretty sure I'm the cause, but I can't seem to find the remedy, any ideas?
PS, if there is more than one page I have to go the the last page and read forward, very weird thing to do...

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