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Oil pressure seems to be an issue here, I just had new bearings and rings put in the old engine, Oil pump is the high flow aluminum version, we went through it and checked the by pass, cleaned it up, put in what seems to be the right gasket and I put in Castrol 10w30 oil.  So now when I drive, the Oil Pressure starts out at 40 with a cold engine, slowly drops, after about 5 miles I'm down to 10 lbs and headed for the garage.  No funny sounds from the engine, valve train isn't clattering, rods arn't knocking.  Do I just have a bad guage?  If I let it run it will get down to less than 5 on the gage, with no engine noise, I'm confused here.  >:(What do you guys think?

I'm working on replacing my old wiring harness and have most of the stuff done, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the old ignition switch out.  Anybody have any tips?  Its a 3A, with the basic on off grounding switch.

I've been following your build for some time now, its kind of like my daily dose of Oprah.  Haven't herd from you for a while, hope all is OK.

First we drilled a hole in the oil pump mounting boss and tapped it to 1/4 inch NPT, anything larger will interfere with the steering gear, I don't have a picture but I did have to raise the engine on the drivers side by shimming up the mount in order to clear the steering gear.  Used a 1/4 inch piece of aluminum stock.

We used Dash 8 fittings and Aeroquip hoses, you can use what you like but I liked the race look of these.  

I used the original mounting bracket for the filter, we did tweak it a bit to run the hose through it and used a different grommet.

The mounting base is a NAPA 4764 remote mount base, I used a NAPA 1068 filter as I need the room above my Alternator.  There are a lot of choices, a longer filter will give you more capacity and lower pressure in the filter.

I used a 5x6 inch piece of Aluminum diamond plate to mount the head to, this is bolted directly to the original filter mounting plate that is fixed to the head.  The Aeroquip lines and fittings add a nice touch, I would not reccomend a smaller line, these are Dash 8 fittings in 1/4 inch line (ID).  You need the flow, I'm getting 60 lbs oil pressure at idle and 2000 rpm now.

We routed the oil back to the galley at the front bearing, same place the original config takes oil from.  We also reduced the Cam gear nozzle to .20 and plugged the drain hole in the cover.  Now the oil flows from the pump, to the filter back to number one rod and then fills the galley, now the Oil Pressure gage reads the system minimum pressure instead of system average as in the original set up.



Chassis, brakes and suspension. / Disc Brake conversion Front Axle
« on: April 07, 2018, 01:33:47 PM »
Guys, I finally got around to that disc brake conversion on the front axle of Triple X. This is a really slick conversion, completed for under $300.00.� I need to thank Brennan Metcalf for his technical support on the design, and for some key parts.� Brennan did give me permission to post this information, and it is important that you guys know he makes and sells the backing plates and spacers that you will need.� You can find him at, he also has an online store on Facebook.

Parts List:
1995 or earlier Geo Tracker, Suzuki Sidekick is the donor vehicle, all parts were new from NAPA except those from Brennan and some bolts from Fastenal
Rotor 1992 Tracker P/N4886008 $23.99 EA
Caliper 1992 Tracker - Left SE1764A Right SE1763A - $39.99 EA
Pads SS7305 - $33.99 set
Backing plate/Support Bracket from Brennan $50.00
Bolts 11114852 or 4851, one is longer than the other, I bought both as I was not sure which I would need, they were about $4.00 each delivered.
Brake Hose UP 380280 - $8.11 Each

Step one
Remove the hub and backing plate and old� brake system, remove lug bolts from the hub and drum assembly, and install the lug bolts directly into the front hub.� Install the support bracket from Brennan, I clocked mine to the 2 oclock position on the driver side, 10 oclock on the passenger side.� This way it cleared the shocks and steering gear.

Next step,
The rotors go over the hub so you have to drill out the bolt holes in the rotor as they are just a tad too small, I used a 39/64th drill bit and an a hand drill, worked good.� I also found that the lug bolts protrude through the hub and interfere with the rotor setting flat on the hub.� So I counter sunk the lug bolt holes on the back side of the rotor.� I also took this opportunity to change all my lug bolts to right hand bolts.� Just because.

Next step was to assemble the caliper onto the rotor, and that was just assembly work, it was pretty straight forward.� I did use the 5/16 shims that Brennan provided in order to get the right alignment on the rotor and caliper.� Caliper is mounted to the bracket with M12 1.25 pitch 30mm bolts 10.9 class.� I used the 30mm as I had to use the shims and the locktite 243 blue. Without the shims you could probably get away with� the 25mm bolts.�

Pictures are out of order, but you can see the final assembly first, after bleeding the brakes took it for a drive and it makes a big difference in stopping.  I'm pleased, its really affordable, not cutting or grinding and its completely reversable if you want to go back to the OEM version.
Thanks again to Brennan for all his Help.  I'll be sending him a link to this post so he can chime in with advise and corrections.

Chassis, brakes and suspension. / Brake Upgrade for CJ3A
« on: February 06, 2018, 09:06:17 AM »
Looking for some advice from the "A Team" here.  I've got a set of factory brakes on my 50 3A, I have nev er been happy with them.  They seem to require continual adjustment and service, the brake pedal is hard to push and it just seems that they are much less effective than they should be.

I've got two roads to go down here, I can tear the brakes a part and do a complete factory re-build, my fear is that I will end up with what I have now, or I can do an upgrade, what do you guys suggest?  Does anyone have a good upgrade that is relatively easy to install?  What are your thougths, looking for suggestions.

Based on my earlier post about spring curvature and the lack of response I figured this would be a good topic to explore some more, and I found out quite a bit.� So here is the background:
About 5 years ago I was working on the suspension on the jeep, replaced the front springs with new and left the original rears in place.� However I had the typical Jeep lean to the driver side, about 1.5 inches.� Not able to afford the new springs at the time I found a set of 2 secondary springs at 4wheel parts in Salt Lake.� I installed one on the driver side, that eliminated the lean and its been good for 5 years, now this year the passenger side decided to lean, and it was down about 2 inches.� So I installed the other secondary that I had on the pass side.� Along the way I had to find new spring clamps as mine were shot and I wanted to know the details on the spring settings.� I bought the clamps at Husky Spring in Minneapolis,� They were very helpful and gave me copies of the Willys spring page from the Dayton spring catalog.� I'll get them to pascal so he can post in the right spot on the page.� But here is the detail.
Willys front springs for 2A and 3A-
8 leaf 3 1/4 inch free lift (no weight)
10 leaf 3 1/2 inch free lift
Rear Springs:
9 leaf 4 3/4
11 leaf 4 3/8
All measurements are from a straight edge running through the center of pivot points to the top of the bolt that holds the spring pack together.�

On my project I had about 2 inches of sag to remove and no post Christmas funds for new springs.� I pulled the spring pack and took it apart, removed the lower three leaves and replaced with the new secondary.

Here is a picture of the new clips, part number HC-1

This is the spring pack with the new secondary installed, one thing that did change is that the secondary reached the spring pack, the arch increased by 3/4 inch however there were no issues with lining up the shackles.

This is a picture of the new clamps, installation is easy, clamp the spring pack tight with both clamp halves installed, hammer the tabs in place.� Nice and tight however some adjustment and fiddling is needed to get them just right.
So here is the jeep, level again.� This repair cost less the $100.00, its not a restoration, but I suspect there are a few of us out there that can use this option.� Husky also sells the complete spring pack for the jeeps, however the price they quoted me was quite a bit more than Walcks price so I chose to not mention it.

Hope that was a little help.

BODY and trim / Tire/Can Carrier
« on: March 25, 2018, 10:43:39 AM »
I finally got a round to building that tire/can carrier that I've been putting off.� I used Jpets basic design, but used 1.5x1.5. x1/8 steel tubing instead of angle.� I used the tail gate hooks as the top point and the rear cross member as the lower point instead of the drawbar.� Now, If one of you guys can help me with how to get those photos out of Photo bucket and onto this page I'll post some photos.� I think it looks pretty good, a local painter powder painted it for me.
Thanks for the help

Willys photo and story threads... / New Years Drive
« on: January 05, 2013, 11:48:56 AM »

Happy New Year Folks, We took this drive at -5 F, into town on New Years day, went to Starbucks for some Hot Coco and back again.  Got called everything from "hardcore" to "Crazy" to "cool".  Thats the world famous Sue, our jeep owner, her head  mechanic and driver, Me and of course the coolest blind dog in Minnesota, Banjo the Mighty!!!

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / What happened to Carl?
« on: August 28, 2018, 10:11:54 AM »
Hey guys
I've been a member here for some time now, and now that I've retired I've had the chance to reflect on some things that in the past I had no time to do.  The other day I was reflecting on this page and some of the interesting folks we've had on it and I remembered a guy named Carl.  I believe he was from Kentucky?? not sure but he did take his jeep out to southern Utah a time or two to ride trails with another member.  They posted some really nice pics of the trails and the countryside.  Not sure why I was thinking of him but I recalled that I've not seen any posts from either of these guys for a while.  Anybody re-call these two and have a sense for what they are doing now?

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / A Cruel Mistress - Mother Nature
« on: April 05, 2018, 09:44:29 AM »
Good Day,
Its April 5th 2018, the fourth month of January.  It is now a balmy 12 degrees outside, the snow started on April 2, ended late on the 3rd and dropped 9 inches on us.  This afternoon it starts again.  We have gotten more snow in March and April than we did in October, November and December combined.  Thank goodness for a heated garage and a lot of projects.

Signed, Depressed in Minneapolis


Just ran into this in the Detroit Free Press, Mahindra is making Jeeps similar to the CJ5 in Auburn Hills MI.  Looks pretty cool !

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Good Luck Eagles and Patriot fans
« on: February 03, 2018, 08:51:41 AM »
Just a quick shout out to all of you Eagles and Patriot fans, good luck Sunday and stay warm.  We are predicting 5 below at game time with wind chills in the negative 20 range.  The stadium is nicely heated but the security lines are all outside so dress warm.  Keep in mind that we spent a lot of time this week greasing up the light poles so you can enjoy them after the game.  Good Luck ! :o :o :o

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / Hanging out in Belgiun
« on: January 13, 2016, 04:06:21 PM »
I'm working in Lueven Belgium for a day or so, any 3A guys around that I can buy one of the 400 local beers for, chat jeep and such? 

If any of you guys are planning a Europe trip the war museums  of Belgium and Luxemburg are a must.  Baston has the Belgium war memorial and THE 101sthe Airborne museum.  Luxumburg is where Patton is buried.  All Battle of the Bulge sites.  Good stuff to see, Jeep intensive.

Rambling, Malarky, Rants, Etc... / You just never know
« on: July 25, 2014, 06:12:37 PM »
I think we've all had the opportunity to see someone somewhere staring wistfully at our jeep, or the guy in the Porsche that almost spins his head off turning to look at us driving by, or the guy or gal that really just wanted you to offer to give them a ride... But the other day I was walking out of the grocery store and there was a guy leaning on the parked car next to the Jeep, shaking his head, scanning it back and forth, and in no hurry to move along.  I walked up and introduced myself, asked if he had any questions, and we talked jeep for a bit.

Lo an behold it turns out to be Jonathan, the guy who hosts this website.  He showed me his family pictures, CJ3A and a Bantam that he has had since he was 14 years old.  Jonathan I apologize I've forgotten your last name.  I'm sure Pascal or Bill will help me out here.  But what an enjoyable happenstance, never would have happened with out that darn little red truck. !!! :) :) :)

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