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Gearboxes and axles / Re: Whirling/out of balance issue??
« on: September 24, 2019, 01:35:15 PM »
I will relay this info on to mechanic. Much appreciate the input.Ty  Ty

Gearboxes and axles / Whirling/out of balance issue??
« on: September 24, 2019, 07:46:30 AM »
I heard a whirling and felt something was out of balance under my jeep over the weekend. I suspected drive shaft or something. Had a mechanic take a drive with me & he checked rear drive-shaft when we got back to the shop. He stated there was too much play on both ends of the shaft. Will this require a re-build of transfer case ,rear diff, & the shaft itself or??

Your CJ-3A Project / Starter motor rebuild
« on: August 27, 2019, 01:12:15 PM »
Welcome to the Forum all of u CJ3B owners. :)  Pleased to have u all join the Willys family.

    How much should I expect to pay for a starter motor rebuild? This mechanic works for an Import business. TY

To J.R. & Ryan: This will b a huge help when I get my jeep back from the shop. Ty both.   Randy

To J.R. and/or Ryan: hey's it going? I have a -49 3A also & will b installing a Bestop too. My rollbar is slightly higher than my windshield. Is that gonna b a problem? Also, I noticed in the instructions...the first hole I need to drill is xx amount of length from the rear of jeep. Should that measurement b taken from where the tailgate runs across or from where it starts to curve on that side rear quarter panel? Any head-ups would truly b appreciated. Thnx          Randy

I thank you guys for offering up some sage advice. I spoke with 1 mechanic about this but could not get in touch with the other yet. Got some more parts to put on & more parts on the way. Got this Jeep on the 8th of this month & still haven't been off-road with it yet. Tell me what's wrong with this picture. :P I know my time is coming...must b patient. 

TY Specialty:  As for parts that price range isn't too bad. I will ask this mechanic how much & at least give him an opportunity. I know of another mechanic I can go to if this other guy is just too high. Of course, I may just give it a shot myself.  I can take things apart but am no good at putting them back together. Plus risking ruining other parts of the system cuz I put it in upside down/backwards or whatever.

Most of this "brief problem" was due to the fact I had the transfer case "In" & at high speed going down the Hiway. I've yet to even shift any of those levers & wasn't paying attention. I've since learned that I most likely have a king pin bearing/shims/seals problem. I read thru the FAQs about this. What I need to know  now much should I expect to pay a knowledgeable mechanic for these repairs? Ballpark figure of course, for I haven't dealt with these guys yet.

Have decided to get a 3A windshield and purchase a Bestop Tiger Top soon. The rollbar may have to b cut down some or removed altogether for fit purposes. Thought I read somewhere that Omix Ada parts were a no no??

Been all rainy down here lately. I need a top. That roll bar is higher than the top of that 2A windshield.(Honestly, I prefer the 2A windshield over the 3A one). With abit more research, we have determined the body is indeed a 3A. Also, that the seat frames r 2A. I want to stay as close to original as possible but somewhat torn. I guess I could cut that roll bar down abit to make it line up & get another 2A windshield or go with the somewhat taller 3A windshield. Could u guys recommend a good top for a 3A? At least an overhead cover with doors. Plz advise.

Glad u like the seats. Hmmm---"unoriginal" on the throttle & choke. The choke works but that throttle cable was disconnected. Good to know anyways. TY

Ok--1st photo is shot of knob (to left of dash light)...2nd shot is where my ignition key is (to the far left of driver seat...3rd shot is what I think is a rather nice upholstery job.

Thnx Nate: I'm siding with u on the winch. That was my thinking also. I got my Jeep back today from the shop, so I'll shoot a photo of the knob I'm talking about & a shot of the nice re-upholstering job on the seats. I'll take a closer look at those Danas. Was very plzed with the test drive.

1) Which first? Warn Winch or a rear locker?
2) If winch, would 8000lb b acceptable?
3) Will a upfront winch & a tow bar b a problem?
4) If a locker, how do I verify that's a Dana 44 in the rear? (do I need to know how many splines, if that is a concern on this Jeep)
5) that knob to the left of the dashboard light (in the center of dash)'s that a throttle hold throttle at a set point kinda like I saw once on an M38A1.

Engine compartment / Re: Radiator fan blade
« on: March 18, 2018, 08:29:17 AM »
@55-CJ5....urs seems to have a shroud extension & looks boxy? Mine is more round & is welded at the bottom.  Anywho...We got the 4 bolts off & we got the fan blade off & put a new fan blade on. We both got poked,cut,sliced,scratched,rubbed  :-[ but it all works now. TY all for the input.

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