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Website Feedback / Re: Some Posts Not Visible
« on: Yesterday at 09:00:25 PM »
I'm seeing the content in all of those posts.  Is it possible that you have something set to "block" some posts in your personal settings?

Hopefully Pascal will chime in soon.

Your CJ-3A Project / Re: Hawk...CJ3A 36662
« on: Yesterday at 12:48:50 PM »
During the winter I got a little bored.  The projects moved indoors.  I rebuilt an original style fuel pump and a few Carter WO carburetors...

As springtime arrived, I was pretty busy on another Willys project, but still found time for this one.  Here it is tucked away in my temporary paint booth.

Another trip up north to the Black Hills Run...

Some very interesting conversations arise with this group of passionate Flat Fender folk.


Time to upgrade the old Leaf springs after finding a couple broken leafs...

2016 Fall Colors Tour.  The mountains were on fire this year.

Our FCT host, M38Mike.

Once You've Joined / Re: Welcome mstokes
« on: March 30, 2020, 03:29:01 PM »
You can thank one of our leaders for the G.P.W issue.  He added G.P.W  to the "bad words" list.  The Forum overwrites bad words.  You can choose a word or phrase to show up in the place of a bad word.  In this case G.P.W gets overwritten with " MB is better". 

Website Feedback / Re: Some Posts Not Visible
« on: March 30, 2020, 03:22:33 PM »
It is possible that the unseen comments require an admin to review before they are seen by the group.  I occasionally receive an email telling me there are comments to review.  My guess is that one of the other admins is reviewing and authorizing before I see the request in my email folder.  I have only authorized one of these requests.  All the others I've opened had already been authorized by others.

Your CJ-3A Project / Re: Hawk...CJ3A 36662
« on: March 24, 2020, 04:46:39 PM »
Tom, good to know I didn't start some crazy trend.  Ya live, ya learn.

As time moved forward, there would be several mini projects performed between trail rides and parades.
I was always a little disappointed in the wheels on this 3A.  I finally found a complete set of original 15" Kelsey Hayes wheels.  I blasted, painted then mounted them up. . .



In my never ending pursuit to slow the leaks and improve performance, I installed a sealed bearing on the T-90 transmission and sealed the leak points on the shift tower. . .

While I had it all apart, I replaced the intermediate shaft in the Dana 18 transfer case.  You can see the side-by-side new and old parts comparison. . .

The stained handles on the tools weren't holding up very well so I ended up painting them green. . .

Another Memorial Day just before the parade. . .

Our first trip to the Black Hills area of South Dakota. . .

Following that trip, I pulled the engine and got serious about the rear main seal leak.  While out, I also cleaned up the top and replaced the broken piston rings.  I pulled the crank shaft this time and tried a whole new technique.  I got it to seal pretty good, but it still leaks a bit after really pushing the engine.  Such is life with an old engine and a rope style rear main seal...

2015 Fall Colors Tour...

Your CJ-3A Project / Re: Hawk...CJ3A 36662
« on: March 20, 2020, 04:15:55 PM »
In 2014, my focus switched to another 3A project, but there were some things I did with this one.

It had a pretty good leak from the rear main seal.  I had a hard time accepting that a Willys Jeep inherently leaks.  I replaced the seal 4 times with both the rubber version and the rope version.  All attempts were failures with this engine.  I bought a lot of oil pan gaskets that year.  None of my attempts were successful.  It just seemed to get worse with every try.

The weirdest event from 2014 came in one of the most unlikely ways.  Just before the 2014 Fall Colors Tour, I was prepping the 3A for the trip.  Quite suddenly, the engine developed a knock.  I didn't want to cancel my trip, so I scrambled into action.  Day after day for a week, I worked toward figuring out what was happening.  I eliminated most simple possibilities, but I couldn't solve the issue.   It didn't knock on the lower side of the engine.  It was up high, so maybe a chunk of piston broke off or something.
I finally built up the courage to pull the head.

This is what I found. . .

A little brass screw.  Where the %$&# did this come from?

This little brass screw was from the throttle plate on my Carter WO.  When you do a rebuild you are supposed to smash the treads on these screws so they don't back out.  I didn't know this.  Mine came loose then got sucked in through the intake and landed in combustion chamber number one.  Every up cycle of the piston would cause the thing to knock.
I removed it, cleaned up the top, checked the valve for damage, reset the head and all was back to normal.

Engine compartment / Re: No oil pressure
« on: March 19, 2020, 04:30:50 PM »
I've never tried this, but in theory it should work to tell you if your oil pump is circulating oil.

Disable the engine from actually starting.  Disconnect the oil gauge line, drop the end into a container, then crank the engine.  If oil shoots out, your pump is pumping.  It may take a little time to flow if your oil filter isn't filled up yet.

Each starter has its own tolerance to over cranking.  I've killed an MZ4113 6v starter installed in a 12v system after on-and-off consistent cranking for about a half hour.  I have one of the modern high torque starters on Rachel's 3A...and I doubt I could ever kill that off.

Your CJ-3A Project / Re: Hawk...CJ3A 36662
« on: March 18, 2020, 11:04:32 AM »
   ;) I kept telling Tim that the Ford engine just was not happy in the Willys chassis, and that he should let me have it, but I was unable to convince him before he found the actual problem.  :'(   BW

I remember years back when you got on me for sending a newb with a "For Sale" G.P.W.  to the G503. :o    Never did that again.  Now I just give them your email. :)

Your CJ-3A Project / Re: Hawk...CJ3A 36662
« on: March 17, 2020, 12:32:23 PM »
The FCT exposed a weakness.  This was the first time I really got to see how my engine performed when compared to other Willys Flat Fender Jeeps.  To get to the trails, we were occasionally on paved roads and traveling 40-45MPH.
My Willys 3A was a DOG compared to the others in the group.  It was hard to keep up on even the slightest inclines.   I was frankly embarrassed to the point where I didn't want to go to this event ever again.

Once home, I started in on figuring out if my engine was warn out or if there were things I could do to maximize the engine power.
The PO included a box of parts when I bought this.  Inside was a Carter WO.  Time to learn how to rebuild a carburetor.  It was a little scary, but if I screwed it up, I could always reinstall the Solex.  The Carter ran really nice, but it didn't improve my engine performance.

Don't ask me why I polished the float.  I have a slight OCD issue.

I added a fuel filter and replaced the goofy PCV valve with the traditional version.  Still no power increase.

The Chain drive engine had a noisy sloppy chain.  I upgraded to the Richard Sanders timing chain system.  Nice and quiet, but it didn't improve my power performance.

I did some reading and learned how to check and adjust the timing.  Turns out, the distributor was not the original style.  It has an adjustment slot that didn't allow me to advance the timing enough.  Add on to tha, the prior owner didn't index the oil pump correctly.
Once the oil pump and timing were corrected, my 3A felt like a little speed racer.  I couldn't wait to go to the next Fall Color tour.

In the meantime, my Wife found this cool 'Fire Gun' extinguisher.  I cleaned it up and bolted it on.

I added a reinforcing plate on the back side of the fender.

We joined the local Memorial Day parade where I was lucky enough to ride with a Korean War Veteran and a WWII Veteran.

The performance at the 2013 Fall Color Tour was like night and day.  We had a great time that year.

Engine compartment / Re: Head Gasket spray?
« on: March 14, 2020, 09:32:03 PM »

From what I can see, this has a 2A frame.

It's okay if you move over to the 2A Page.  Lots of us are over there too. ;)

Forgot to mention...

Your engine serial looks like a Kaiser Henry J version of the L-134.  I don't know much about them.

Hello SlaterDoc,
Thanks for sharing the photos, and welcome to the forum. 

Other than the windshield, I'm seeing a whole-lotta-2A in your first photo.  What leads you to believe it's a 3A?

Your CJ-3A Project / Re: Hawk...CJ3A 36662
« on: March 10, 2020, 12:09:42 PM »
I forgot to mention the tailgate modifications.  To support the weight of the spare tire, I bolted vertical oak blocks to the interior.  The gas can supports are old garage door opener rails.  I welded these on.  I also drove a solid steel shaft into the top tube portion of the tailgate.  I shaped it with a grinder to fit the tube profile.  I initially did this to push out the dents in the top edge of the tailgate.   I drove it in with a sledgehammer.  It worked perfectly to eliminate the dents but I was having trouble getting the shaft back out, so I cut it to length and left it in place.  This is now one badass tailgate.


We spent most of the summer driving around town.  Ice Cream, grocery store, etc. This is when I learned about the "Jeep Wave".
I found this Bridge Plate and bolted it on.  I think it added a "Cool" factor.  It's the muted version.  Most of these are yellow.

These tie-down brackets are another M38 feature.  There are two on the front frame horns and another set about mid frame.

I bought this original MB rear seat.  It needed some modifications to make it work in my 3A.

I mounted an ammo can to function as a wallet and cup holder.


These ammo cans and old tin tool box were added to store tools and extra parts.

Driving It around town was fun, but I needed a little more adventure.  The Fall Color Tour is held here in Colorado.  It looked like the fun I was hoping for.
My wife and I decided to attend.  We wanted to bring our dog friends, so I ditched the rear seat and made a padded box.

I added some shade for them.  Some may recognize the fellow captured in this photo.

Some FCT 2012  photos.


 A terrific time was had by all.  The FCT was dry and warm.  No mud, but plenty of dust.

I found some M38 door frames and ordered the side curtains and doors to have a full enclosure.

2012 was coming to an end.  At this point, I had mixed feelings about my 3A.  More on that in the next entry.

Gearboxes and axles / Re: Xfer case leaks or normal behavior?
« on: March 09, 2020, 12:02:06 PM »
I agree.  The seal surface can get chewed up pretty badly if the 3A wasn't maintained.  Replacing the seal only won't stop the leaks if the seal surface looks like the one pictured below.   You can stop the leaks by installing a Speedy Sleeve, new seals and some Permatex 2 sealant on the splines.  It's an easy project, but do this in conjunction with one of the times you plan on draining the gearboxes. :)

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