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I have a huge blog like post on the CJ2A page but I thought my 3A  friends might like to see how my Hot Rod Willys engine is coming along.

After much frustration I think I have it put together right. (had trouble with dimples in the tappet bores, Trying to get my crank end play correct, And a half dozen other things including the back of the pulley rubbing on the timing cover "lips"

Anyway after all the frustrations assembling the long block I thought I should do something to get me inspired so I bolted on some of my DIY Bling and made up me wires.

And the timing cover and its new timing marks I put on with my dial indicator and a little file.

I am currently whittling away on a couple pieces of aluminum making the intake manifold. had to redsign it in the middle of making it when I went to order the two 1.25" sch 40 aluminum pipe elbows that will become the runners and found out on the order page the place that makes them has a little $100.00 min order!!! they cost like $16.00 each. SO I had to find a different source and they have a slightly different radius. Which actually worked out well as it helped gain me some room I needed.

I'll show some photo's of that when I get it done. And then its on to the fancy header I am scratch building.

Has anyone on the forum used Omix-ADA main and or Rod Bearings in their engine rebuild? If so any comments on them and I would like to know how many miles you have on those bearings?

I am not interested in reading warnings from anyone who hasn't used them. I have read pages of warnings in the last couple days. What I haven't seen is one person who has used them commenting on any problems they have had with them.

Through no fault of my own I find myself with a set of Main and Rod bearings for my engine. I was specifically told by the seller their bearings came from either Clevite or Federal Mogal. The package that arrived contained Omix-ADA MADE IN CHINA bearings.

So I would like to hear some actual personal experience with these bearings.

Mark W.

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