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PAST EVENTS: / Calling Minnesota jeepers
« on: July 23, 2013, 10:28:24 PM »
If you are interested in being contacted when we put rides together please send me your contact info.   I'll put you on the list for our email notices.  North Star chapter IFFC rides require patience, a love of conversation, and a somewhat reliable jeep.

PAST EVENTS: / Northstar Chapter, WI 100 Miler (event over) PICS!
« on: October 07, 2012, 01:56:11 PM »
We got together last weekend for a 100 mile ride, started at Lee's house in Harris MN, then to Taylors Falls, St. Croix Falls, north along the River Road that follows the St. Croix River and then back to Harris, we managed 92 miles, a stop at a drive in for hambergers and root beer, where you can imagine the jeeps took a public photo op. �Those darn things are better than puppies !!! �the fall colors were just on fire, good thing we went last weekend, the wind took half the leaves this week. �Todd

The drive in restraunt in Taylors Falls MN, just a little photo op.

The hill side above town, afire with Maple, Oak and Birch trees.

The St. croix river above the damn at St. Croix Falls WI.

A trip down the River Road.

International Flat Fender Club / Inagural Meeting Northstar Chapter IFFC
« on: September 09, 2012, 10:27:11 AM »
Last weekend a couple of us got together for the inagural run of the Northstar Chapter of the IFFC.  Lee, Al and Marilyn, Todd and Sue, all met in St. Joseph MN for a country run.  We put on 60 miles on the afternoon, rode through St. Johns University, what a beutiful Campus, then through Collegeville, Albany, and a few other small towns.  Every jeep made the run, no breakdowns, a very fun afternoon and some great folks.  Unfortunatley Wally and PlowPusher were not able to  make it, perhaps next time.  Al drove his 46 2A with Three Point Hitch, Lee drove his 49 and I had my 50 3A.   When the colors get a little further along we'll get another run in.  Maybe we'll see some more jeeps at the Nevada Iowa jeep rally on the 22-23rd of September.

This is the cathedral at St. Johns, we stopped for pics, and just as we were leaving the bells began to toll, good sign I hope!

A little Pow Wow on the Highway.  Our route took us on a frontage road of I-94 for a bit, we looked like a three jeep parade and do believe we slowed down some of the traffic on the big road!

A look at the country side, and that is Lee behind us in his 49 2A.

When the colors turn this is a beutiful part of the country, thats Al and Marilyn in their 46 Farm Jeep, thats a pretty one!

Thats all for now, we hope to get another ride in a perhaps in mid October, before it gets too cold.  I'll post upcoming events in this section so stay tuned and don't touch that dial !

International Flat Fender Club / Northstar Chapter IFFC
« on: July 23, 2012, 03:43:49 PM »
Anybody in the Minneapolis, St.Paul area interested in getting together for a very informal jeep patrol? �I met with Lee from the 2a last week and we bounced around the idea of a couple informal breakfast rides or lunch rides. �Just wondering how many of you guys are interested?

Maybe this AOR was too small, we now have three people interested, one from St. Cloud, we welcome anyone from Minnesota that wants to socialize and drive flat fenders, PM me if your interested.

Hey guys,
In that there were several 2A guys that were present when Triple X developed its noisy tranny  at the FCT, I'm putting the discussion on the 2A page.  Please join the discussion, I know I need help.
Todd ;)

Thinking about the fall color tour this year.  In doing some reading it sounds like vapor lock is a big concern with the guys that go there.  One of the common reccomendations was to install an electric fuel pump.  So some questions for you guys:

Does that sound like a cure for vapor lock?
If so what pump would you install?  What flow rate?
Would you remove the existing fuel pump and plumb direct to the carb? How about a pressure regulator, needed?
Could you install the e pump up stream of the mechanical pump, leaving the mech. Pump installed, kind of like a charge pump?

Appreciate any insight.

Today I pulled my drums off to start the investigation process on my brakes.  I did rebuild this system from the pedals down when I originally did the Resto, but they have been acting up lately.  The front left brake will activate prior to the others, thus a hard pull to the left, and generally they are slow to respond- hence the other topic on upgrades.

But here is today's question:  I have the drums off on all 4 wheels and had my lovely assistant (we'll call her Vana) push the brake pedal so I could watch the activation, both of the rear brakes activated prior to the front ones activating, and the front (both sides) did not move until the pedal was near the floor. 

First off, is this a valid test?  Without the drums to provide pushback on the brakes will the system activate the brake that is easiest?

Should all of the wheel cylinders move at the same time?



Found this on the 3B Tech page, pretty nice swing down spare tire carrier, looks easy to build.  I'm going to take a look at adding the Jerry Can to this modification.


I just picked up an M38A1, was doing research on it on G503 and in some service manuals, one gent on the G who seems knowlegable noted that the M38A1 and CJ series jeeps are supposed to have a grease zerk located on the rear axle just inside of the brake drums.  I've not seen anything on my 3A that would indicate that there should be one there, however the M38A1 looks like there were zerks there at one time.  Anybody have any definitive information on grease points on the 3A axle.  this gent was pretty insistent that it was a critical lube point.

Getting ready to start thinking about pulling my tranny, I've got a horrible noise related to the clutch/ throw out bearing that I need to address, and I want an overdrive installed as well.

My question is this, whats the best way to pull the darn thing, seperate it at the rear of the bell housing and have to deal with inserting the forks after the install, or seperate the bell  housing from the engine, and be able to install the forks with the bell housing as a unit.

Need your thoughts.

"Original"-- Technical Questions, Answers, Observations / Tool Wrapper
« on: February 16, 2014, 05:27:15 PM »
I found this tool wrapper at Duluth Trading, thought it was kind of cool, its a little spendy, $40.  But it has quite a few little pockets for bolts and stuff.

Planning on doing the Northern Colorado run next month, I live in Minnesota so the highest altitude my jeep has seen is about 1100 feet.  Wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what preparation I should do to get ready for the high altitude.  I'd also ask for suggestions on special stuff to bring along in the " What if this happens" category.

Easy question here, the original Willys foot starter used a block of Oak to center the push rod and support it in the cab, it was bolted to the fire wall, the rod went through it and connected to the starter.  At least that is how I understand it.

1, Does anybody know the thickness of that block?  It seems that anything over about 1/4 inch thick will be difficult to thread onto the push rod, at least I'm assuming that you have to have a hole no larger than 3/8 inch in order to properly center the push rod.

2, The other option is to cut the round push plate off, thread the rod through the block and re-weld the push plate back on.  Seems odd to do it that way.

What say you all?


Anybody remember what the dimension is from the top of the windshield to the rear of the body?  Diagonal dimension?  I'm trying to figure out how far rearward my windshield is canted.

Anybody out there have the dimensions for the original generator bracket?  I converted The jeep to twelve volt and had to use a universal bracket, as usual one size fits all really means one size fits nothing!  I've messed with it several times and can't seem to get closer than about one half inch from in line with the pump pulley.  To make things more interesting I can't locate my old bracket >:(

So the plan is to build a new bracket that fits the motor like the original and fits the new alternator like it should.  Dims and pics would be great.  Thanks gents,

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