Wiring Diagram & Electrical Information


Firewall Map
Ever wonder where all of your wires and cables are supposed to go?  Here you go!  This image was posted by Dana on the CJ-2A message board.
7-Wire Turn Signal Wiring Diagram

Parts Manual Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram


Information courtesy of Bob Westerman

6 volt
12 volt conversion
6012, 6014
Front park light
Dash illumination light
Tail/Stop light
1158 not indexed, 1154 indexed *
1176 not indexed, 1157 indexed *
High beam indicator light
51, 55 will fit but is brighter
Turn signal flasher 535 537
Battery Autolite 1M-100, H 8-5/8, L 8-22/32, W 7" 100Ah

Generator See Dating a CJ-3A for more information
Use a CJ-5 generator
Match to generator
Match to generator
See Dating a CJ-3A for more information 6 volt starter will work on 12 volts**
Circuit breaker on light switch 30 amps


*Original rear tail and stop light sockets are not indexed and most modern replacement sockets are indexed.
** Original 6 volt starters will operate on 12 volts if treated with respect. Do not crank for extended periods or let the starter free spin.