Restoring a Rear PTO Fiber Drum Pulley

Drum pulleys were used on the back of Willys Jeeps and more commonly tractors to operate various farm implements.  One of the first types of pulleys for the Willys Jeeps was the fiber drum pulley.  This early version featured a drum made out of wood fiber.  Later versions were a cast drum.

Here is how the drum came to me.  It was not in bad shape, but did have a few small dings in the wood.

I first start by removing the drum.  Take note of the red paint inside the drum.  It looks like the gearbox was originally black, with a red drum.

Here are the main parts.  Everything looked really good and all the bearings were tight.  There was a little surface rust on the gears, but it cleaned off.

Here is the cleaned, polished, and reassembled gearbox.  Looks sweet!

Here is the pulley painted and installed.  I sanded the drum and then applied some black stain to help preserve the drum.

Here is the final installation.