Replacing the Model 18 Intermediate Shaft

If your Willys makes a lot of noise when take your foot off the gas like mine did, you may need to replace the intermediate shaft in your transfer case.  This shaft seems to be the most common cause of noise complaints.  Also, the shafts last about 30,000 miles, so don't overlook them in your rebuild like I did!  There are three sizes of shafts, but most common in the CJ-3As was the 1-1/8".  It is possible to replace the shaft with the transfer case in the vehicle by removing the parking brake assembly, but you need superhuman strength to pound the shaft out.  I finally gave in and removed my transfer case.  My hands were very greasy, so I couldn't take many photos!

Here's the shaft and the retaining pin and bolt.


Here's the intermediate gear...

With the parking brake assembly removed, you can try pounding out the shaft FROM THE FRONT.  I had to remove the case to get my shaft out.

The shaft only comes out one way.  Pound it out FROM THE FRONT so it comes out the rear of the case.  You will be surprised how much force it takes, but keep pounding.

Buy a quality kit like this one from Novak Conversions for $75.  Don't skimp and buy the cheapo kits that are $40.

....oh, and my noise is gone!