Rebuilding the Ramsey 200R Winch

This is what I had to start with.  The winch was used to operate a hoist on Bob Boxleys 3A.  The clutch (on the left side) was seized on the shaft and the engagement handle had been broken off and lost.

Taking off the top cover you can see the main gear and bushings the shaft turns on.

Here are the main parts of the winch.  It's a pretty simply design.

I finally got the clutch hub off, then I polished the shaft and cleaned the mechanism up.  It now operates freely.

The housing had been bead blasted already, so the whole assembly was clearcoated.

I installed the winch back on Bob's 3A with grade 8 hardware and used the original mounts that had been powdercoated.

Here is where the engagement handle should mount.

In this photo of Joe Caprio's 3A you can see what the engagement handle should look like.  Also, take note of the original blue paint (remember Bob's PTO I painted the same color?).  I found some of this blue paint on Bob's winch as well.

Here is the handle and mount that I fabricated.  The handle is simple flat bar stock bent to shape.  I reinforced the pivots to prevent wear.

And here is the handle installed.  Pretty close to original!

Here is the final winch install.

This is the PTO shaft.  I will need to lengthen it by 7" to account for the overdrive and PTO adapter.  Since I am cutting the shaft, I will cut out this worn section and and make my splice here using some extra shaft material.

Here is a shot of the PTO shaft looking forward.  You can see the carrier bearing mounted on the bell housing.