Hesse Hornet Air Compressor

Not a lot is know about the Hesse Hornet air compressors.  They used a Kaiser Industrial Engine Model CJ-3A mounted on a steel chassis.  The number 1 & 4 fired cylinders were normal, while the number 2 & 3 cylinders were used to compress the air .  The blocks are late model CJ-3A and use a heavier fly wheel to make up for having to fire on just two cylinders.  The idle speed was also increased from 600 to 850 RPM.   If you have more info or photos, please contact me.

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Hess Corporation
Division Hess Carriage Co.
Kansas City MO-----Dover NJ
Engine plate reads: Kaiser Jeep Corp.
Jeep Industrial Engine
Model CJ 3A
Engine Assembly # 913102
Serial # R3J-17777 4B
Chassis plate reads: Hesse Hornet
Model "H"
Serial # 9 1707 5
Idle speed 850 RPM
Pumping speed 2200 RPM
Head Casting:: Hesse Carriage Co. Dimensions: W-20.5" L-31" H-32" Weight: Freakin' heavy!

Benjamin Griffiths sent in these two pics of the compressor head: