Correct 3A Detail Photos

This is a collection of what I believe to be some of the correct details for the 3A.  This is a work in progress, so check back often.  I you need specific photos of something, please let me know.  Also, If you believe something is not correct, please contact me so I can make the correct changes.


Windshield Pivot

Fuel line through firewall support

Fuel line hat channel mount

Floor drain hole

Fram Oil Filter

Donaldson Oil Bath Air Cleaner

Oil bath thumb screw

Windshield hold down strap

Axle gear ratio tag and vent

Brake line bracket

Brake line fitting

Bendix joint tag

Air tub clamp

MZ-4137 starter tag

Auto-Lite Distributor tag

"Jeep" stamped toolbox

Master cylinder fittings

PTO covers and gas tank strap

Gas tank strap

Dualmatic Hub

Harrison Heater

Starter Pushrod Pedal

Heater Knockouts

Rear Seat Clips