Removing The Saturn/Warn Overdrive

Remove the transmission hump and shifter.

Then remove the shift rail from the rear of the housing.


Remove the five bolts that run through the case of the overdrive with a 9/16" socket.  Gently pry the overdrive case away from the transfer case. Keep in mind that the gasket sealer and the bearing that rides in the planetary hub assembly may fight a bit.

You must remove the star shaped snap ring with some needle nose pliers.  Then remove the the star washer (a 3/8" socket extension helps a little).


Then use a 1/2" socket extension to unthread the planetary assembly from the transmission tailshaft. 


This should have been torqued to 100-130ft lbs, so it might take some persuasion.

Then planetary then slides out, and voila!  You are done!