Random Photos



This is a shot of a Danish Army CJ-3A.  Maybe it was cheaper than an M38?  I have a hard enough time driving my stock 3A, just try it with a gas mask and rubber gloves!!

Photo of a 3A beach buggy submitted by Mike Winchester.

Soren Soderberg sent in this photo of the "Indian way" to protect your jeep from being stolen.  Photo by Jorgen Runeby.

This photo was taken by Pal Singh in Delhi, India. Submitted by Derek Redmond

Roberto Flores sent in this photo of a Spanish Legion 3A in action.

Roberto Flores sent this photo of a Spanish 3A in the Sahara, circa 1970

This is from Belgian Armée, after WW2, 1950s. It´s a radio jeep, and the
co-driver is an officer. A CJ3A fellow owner is looking now for him!

The officer wears the postWorld War 2 Belgian made "denison smock" jacket.
With its peculiar Belgian cammo scheme, different from that of Red Devils!

Source: "Jeep, Le Tout-Terrain de la Liberté", by Jean Michel Boniface, ETAI
editions, 2004.

Belgian military 3A sent in by Roberto Flores

Another Belgian military 3A sent in by Roberto Flores

Denis Takashi sent in this photo of his cousin Darcy almost 20 years ago in Brazil.  He said the would "cruise the beach listening to Menudo."

A CJ-3A modified to drive on train tracks. Submitted by Robert Christy.

Jay Newsome sent in this great vintage photo from the early 60's of his Grandfather W.R. Newsome (on the right) and his CJ-3A.

 His Grandfather was an avid deer hunter and his hunting club used the flatfender jeeps. 

Delcio Monteiro sent in this pic and writes: "The date is February 1952. This season was the beginning of colonization in the region where I was born (Paranavaí, Brazil). It was a time of pioneers, same to American wild west.  You see the driver with a weapon?






Below are drawings and photos from all over the web....