Non-Serialized CJ-3A & M38 Owners Photos



Here is where all the 3A and M38's without serial numbers go.  These are usually the exported 3As that had VIN and year changes so it's hard to date them.

Christian Hempel's 3A in Brazil


Christian Hempel in Brazil sent me these photos of his nice 3A.  He later wrote back saying it was titled as a 1957.  He write:  "I have a CJ3A, i'm live in Brasil, and I like much your site. I will restoration my jeep.   Look my jeep in the photo, his number is 4J154326      

Best Regards, Christian Hempel"


Soren Soderberg's 3A in Sweden


Soren sent me this photo of his 3A when apparently started life as a CJ-2A.  Soren writes: "My serial nr (20908) on my Willys is from the CJ2A who is in the wonderful heaven for Willys, I think. So I do not have the right number for it. There must been one of the previous owners (7 people) who taken the CJ2A –46 to scrap and then put the registration papers and some parts into a CJ3A. I have not found any serial nr on the car.  I do not have the original motor its an old Volvo B16 (1947-52) mounted  into the car.  My plan is to restore it to “original” as a CJ3A, but having it on wheels most of the time. A soft top and back seat is the first on the list.  Its me and my son Calle in the picture.

My English is saved by a good spelling program in the computer and a swedish / english dictionary.

Best wishes
Soren Soderberg

Andy Gil's 3A From El Salvador

Andy Gil's 3A resides on this page because it no longer retains the original serial number to help date it.  Andy writes:  "This jeep that I an restoring now is the jeep that I got in El Salvador back in 1970.  When I got it was completely taken apart and was going to be melted for construction rods.  When I rescued it  the serial numbers had been all erased and the ID plate was gone.  In order to get it registered after I restored it completely, I had to go the the Salvadorian authorities and apply for a title and registration as a remanufactured vehicle.  After many efforts I finally got them to agree to give me a new title and registration, they assigned a new vehicle serial number CJ13112696 and the engine serial number 113348.  That is how this jeep could be registered in El Salvador.  I will like to know if there is a listing somewhere, of the CJ3As that were exported to El Salvador during 1949 to 1953 (not many) maybe we could find it there.  The original color was yellow and it was bought new by the Salvadorian Railroad authority.  It remained with the railroad for several years until one of the employees bought it.  Around 1964, it was taken to a repair shop for complete mechanical restoration.  The owner never came back to pick it up and the jeep remained in that shop, little by little was taken apart completely, until converted to a pile of junk.  When I saw it, I could see that the body was perfect, no rust, no dents.  Most of the mechanical parts, engine, transmission and axles were there all taken apart.  I bough it for $40.00 and collected all the parts that I could find there.  During the restoration, I had to go many times to the local junk yards where I could get the parts that were missing.  Also some parts I got from the repair shop of the Salvadorian Air Force, they had three CJ3Bs.  That's the story behind my latest jeep.  Now I am finishing the second restoration with all new parts and a new body kit.  Regards, Andy Gil."

Denis Takashi And Friends Brazilian 3A's


Denis writes: "I'm sending some photos of my friends´ cars (I haven't said about them at the e - mail, the ugliest one is Osny´s one , it's a ´52, the other one is Pedro's, he is the 2nd owner, and it's ´50), unfortunately, I don't have my father's one photo.  My father serial number is : 3j111790, what does it mean? if you know, tell me later. The other guys numbers and photos I'll send you soon.

Here in Brazil, we change most of the car's parts, engine, gearbox, breaks ( we use discs, there's a specific kit for it here), steering system... ( sometimes, I think is better buy a new car) they get comfortable and fast!!!  Soon I will send you my story with the jeeps, that's interesting.  Yours, Denis"

Nico's 3A in Holland

Shoaib Rajput's M38 in Pakistian

Shoaib write: "Dear sir, I saw your jeeps in your web site. I would like to tell you, that I am also fond of Willys M38 jeeps.  I have a M38 jeep and I restored it on august 2005 and I am sending photos to you and hope you like it. Shoaib Rajput From Karachi, Pakistan.