1952 Owners Photos


Bob Westerman's 3A

Bob writes: "I am glad to see someone has finally started a CJ-3A page! You realize that this is a life-long project?

I own a mostly original 1952 CJ-3A vehicle serial number 452-GB1 20548. Its original color was Hamshire Green and I hope to repaint it that color some day. Unfortunately the engine had been replaced before I got it so I don't have the original engine serial number. I recently installed a New Life reproduction soft top using original hardware. Attached is a photo of my 3A."


Keith Engel's Family Farm Jeep

Keith writes: "Here is a pic of my 52 CJ3A. This is right after being taken from the barn where it sat for almost 15 years. It is now tore down to the frame for rebuild. This 3A has been in our family since new and had a Auburn Jeep-a-Trench on it for most of its life. The trencher is now gone but the dual drive is still intact. It has the standard PTO out put shaft along with another rear PTO shaft that is turned by a large ring gear that attaches to the drive shaft in place of the hand brake. It runs in relation to drive shaft speed. It also had dual rear wheels which as seen in this pic were replaced with implement tires. This jeep, as part of the trencher package can be driven from the left rear corner while outside the jeep. There is a remote clutch as well as a steering wheel lock to keep it going the way you point it. The fronts tires are the original tires and still hold air! After installing new plugs, points, battery and fresh gas, the jeep started right up after all those years. The paint is the factory Luzon red which seems the bulk of what others had in 52. It also has an unusual dealer installed heater unlike the factory harrison.  

Update:  Here is what Keith's 3A looks like now!

Nicolas's 3A in Argentina

Nicholas writes:  The history of the jeep is something I'm trying to develop but as I have been told by the previous owner this jeep was bought 0 KM by the Air force, here in Argentina. The previous owner worked at the air force and the jeep was assigned to him. When this man retired he bought the jeep, so I am the second owner. This year we repaired the engine to new with original parts because although it was able to road it burned oil and really needed the restoration. The only thing I don't have is the soft top (I'm saving money for that purpose).  I also have the "toma de fuerza" (I don't know how to say it in English) where you can engage agricultural hardware like grass cutter, etc.  Now I'm looking for a blackout light for my left fender or I will buy some rounded at the front to increase the light power.  Anything else you need please do not doubt on writing.  Regards Nicolas



John Hernandez's 3A in TX

Dave Danmeier's Cherry 3A

Dave writes: "I really enjoy your website and wanted to send a few more photo's of my CJ to keep you happy!  I wanted share these different views, I have a PTO with the original Ramsey Winch Model W-200L, rear mounted 9000 lbs and works wonderful.  I also have included some photo's taken out where she belongs.  Keep up the great work, I highly recommend your site to other CJ enthusiast!  Thanks, Dave Danmeier"

David and Donna Bucher's Beautiful 3A

David writes:  "Enclosed are pictures of our 1952 CJ3A. Restored the Jeep 2 years ago and it has been many miles since.  The airplane in the picture is a 1946 Aeronca Champ that I restored the year before I did the Jeep.  David and Donna Bucher"

Dennis Guevara's 1952 CJ-3A in  Bogota, Colombia


Steve & Kelly Mohney's 3A


Marnix De Vos's Former Belgian Army 3A

Marnix writes: "Maybe you are aware that at one time there have been Willys jeeps in the Belgian army also. God only knows why the Belgian army did not simply go for the M38 when they ordered a couple of hundred of them very early in the 1950's (that version of the Willys jeep was nevertheless available).  No, they did not want the M38, nor did they settle for the old MB, they ordered CJ3A's instead.  In fact they where modified CJ3A's, not really the standard 'civilian jeep', but something like a militarized version of it.  Some of the differences where: a tailgate that was welded shut, a spare wheel fixed to the tailgate, a 24v electrical system, and blackout lights.  I was lucky enough to be able to purchase such an old CJ from the army and I am in the midst of restoring it.  Nearly everything has been taken apart, and the larger parts have been send to the shop for sandblasting and for some welding job here and there.  Regards, Marnix"

James Dudsdon's Nice Original 3A


James writes: "The plan is certainly to get it back to original as possible, slowly of course - just fixing what needs fixing and gradually improving etc.  I actually reside in England but vacation over in California where the Jeep is and I have family connections. Have a cousin in Napa, bought the Jeep in Petaluma, and it is now northwards up in the Trinity mountains on family property. I am flying over next week for 2 weeks to try and get it running."

Nicola Brunello's 3A

Brian Leon's Alaskan 3A

1952_owners_photos/Mike Ricci's 3A

Mike writes:

"I found this Web site and check it out every day.  I have a 1952 CJ-3A vin# 452-GBI-21272.  I purchased it in NY state back around 1979.  I have been working on it ever since.  When I first got it I used it quite hard off road and in mud run events.  Those day are over and I have stared on a Sunday drive only rebuild starting at the front bumper.  The grill, fenders and windshield are original.  The body tub was replaced with a tub from Acme Jeep bodies in the early
1980's.  Yesterday I put it back on the road with Antique plates here in NH.  The last time it was on the road was 1992.  On the a 10 mile round trip to the inspection station it ran good, but had the death wobble over 30mph.  I checked the wheel bearings and there is need of a slight adjustment (new bearing this spring) and I had the tires balanced (they are recaps from mid 1980).  I will be happy for 40mph with no shimmy. I have learned a lot from this site and have been ordering parts from some of the suppliers you use."


Colin Peabodys 1952 CJ-3A

Colin writes:

"My name is Colin Peabody and I live in Phoenix, AZ.  I have been looking at  and reading the CJ2A, CJ3A and CJ3B pages for over a year, hoping to locate a flat fender Jeep that was worth the money.

As luck would have it, I found a CJ3A residing in the back yard of a former co-worker last November.  Before I saw it, I asked him what year it was and he thought it was a 52 or 53.  If it was a 53, I asked if it had a high hood and he replied it did not.  I went to look at it and the serial number was 452 GB1 17966.  His title from Arizona MVD showed it to be a 1953 model, first sold in October 1953.  After returning home, I went to your page and determined the Jeep actually is a 1952 model, built about mid year in the production run.  Arizona will not change the title to indicate the correct year, so it will remain "legally" as a 1953 model.  This is not unusual as our 1948 Willys Jeepster, built in late August or early September 1948 and not sold until April, 1949, was also titled wrong by Arizona MVD, as a 1949 model, even though the serial number plate clearly shows it to be a 1948.

At any rate, I became the proud owner of this yellow CJ3A, which appears to be, other than color, roll bar, seat covers and later CJ5 wheels, a very original unit, with no rust showing and a fairly wrinkle free body and fenders. It does have a CJ2A windshield, but I prefer that type to the 3A style. It appears to have been Luzon Red originally as I have found that color hiding in various places on the body.  It has the original L-134 which had not run in 5-6 years and has been converted to 12 volts, which I will keep.  After toying with it for a week or so, I was able to get it running, but having a stuck#4 exhaust valve.  Once I got that problem solved, the engine runs great and does not use any oil. After driving it around the neighborhood, I found the suspension and steering as well as the transmission and transfer case are all in very good condition.   It will need a new clutch which I will do when I pull the body off the frame for paint removal.  I would like to get it close to its original condition while keeping the older style windshield.  The Luzon Red paint will match our Jeepster.

Your page has been most informative so far and when I combine what the CJ2A and Derek's 3B page have, I can find answers to many of the questions I have had so far. Case in point, my Jeep has been converted to the larger 11 inch brakes and I learned that the original 15 inch wheels won't go over the new hubs.  Tried it with  a 15 incher and found the information to be correct.   I have 2 16 inchers, and I will try to locate 3 more 16 inch wheels to put NDTs on.  Derek and I have corresponded a lot over the past couple of years with regard to my Al-Toy Jeep collection and a very rare Jeep pedal car I located and bought in Portland, Oregon 2 years ago.

I have attached a photo of my CJ3A in its "before" stage of life and would be honored to see it included in your serial number and data base.  My very good friend in Smithfield, Maine, Glenn Byron has two of his Jeeps, a Luzon Red 49 and a blue 53, pictured there as well."

Delcio Monteiro's Brazilian 3A


Eduardo Martinez's Argentinean 3A

Márcio Santos' Brazilian 3A


Hello friends from CJ3A site. First of all I would like to congratulate you guys for this fantastic site. It was really helpful during my restoration process. My father bought my CJ3A when I was only 10 years old, in 1976. I was taken my Summer vacation in city called Itanhaem, in Brazil and I found it parked in a driveway of a small house. It was exactly like a toy that I had.
The previous owner told us he had used the jeep for more than twenty years to go to the closer city, 50 miles away, by beach, since there were no highways at that time.  Thirty years later in 2006 I started a complete restoration and the results
you can check on the photos. It is still missing some details to complete it.  The jeep today works as a brand new car, however I just use it in a sunshine day and over paved roads.

Regards, Márcio Santos - São Paulo, Brazil