1950 Owners Photos


Greg Fowler's 3A in SC

Greg writes: "I've attached a picture of my CJ-3A, taken the day I bought it.  It is a 1950, and the serial number is 51495.  I've been working on it off and on for 3 years now, but I am finally attaching pieces back to the frame, so it feels like I'm making progress. I'm at least a year (yeah, right) away from having it back on the road. 

Ben Neil's Modified 3A

Ben writes:  "Great site! If you're still looking for owners photo's please include mine. It's a '50 that I purchased 12 yrs. ago and have been modifying ever since. I've kept the classic looks and improved the drivetrain. thanks, Ben Neil

Ken Stewart's Modified 3A

Ken's writes:  I got my 1950 CJ3A for my 15th birthday in 1987. It was all stock but me being a teenager it did not take long to change that. It has a turbocharged buick 231, turbo 350 trans, dana 20 t/case and dana 44s front and rear. I wish today that I left it stock was a great wheeler but today I would enjoy a stocker a lot more. I was hit in it last year causing a roll over and totaled the frame and some body parts. I am now thinking about going back to stock if I could find a good chassis. Either way, stock or modified, I will get it together for next summer and keep it going till I can give the keys over to my boy (now 2 years old).  I live in Washington State in the little town of Cle Elum. Great site and I hope it keeps growing.

Ken Stewart


Larry Long's 3A


Larry writes:  "Hello,  My name is Larry E Long and I live just outside of Lehighton PA. I purchased this CJ3A (Ser# CJ3A 42579) last December and have completed quite a bit of work on it. I've replaced the entire brake system including all hoses and cylinders. I've replaced all the axle and driveshaft seals, the fuel pump, manifold gaskets, exhaust, NDT tires, and front seats. I also rebuilt the emergency brake system. Since the body is fairly rough I'm going to retrofit it to look like an MB. The engine serial number is 3J40979. It ran, and ran well, when I bought it. Keep up the good work on the website!  Larry E Long."

Carroll Brown's Beautifully Restored 1950 3A

Carroll writes: "I ran across your site and I am very pleased some one like yourself has put together a site for CJ3A owners, I am emailing some pictures of my CJ3A that I just finished restoring I did a complete frame off restoration and it is my pride and joy. Carroll Brown"

Mike White's Barn Find 3A

Mike writes: "Here's my jeep that someone gave me for moving it out of the barn. The body is actually very solid and it is very original. Has factory brake booster.  Mike White, Ste. Genevieve MO"

Rune Elfsberg's Swedish 3A


Chuck Bouffard's Air Force Follow Me Jeep

Eric Ferrell's 1950 3A

Eric writes: "I appreciate having a good source for information on early jeeps like the cj-3a site. I have been working on a 1950 3a  s/n 39740 on and off for the last year.  It like most jeeps of this era has quite a few stories to tell.  It sat outside in one place for over 20 years before my grandfather decided to cut down the tree growing between the front bumper and grill, put gas and a new battery and crank it up for use as a firewood hauler.  The odometer shows 15,123  and I believe it.  This is a jeep that refused to die, it never ever failed to crank up.  So this is the result of fixing the brakes... that's how these things get started."

Brian M. Finnigan's Heirloom Jeep

Brian writes: "My great-uncle bought this Jeep in 1950 to disc the rows of his apple orchard in central Washington.  Most of the orchardists in Washington used Jeeps as tractors in the '40s and '50s.  They used the CJ's to haul apples, run plows, discs, snow plows and many other engineered implements to aid in their trade.  My grandfather and father both used CJ's as tractors as well.  When my great-uncle died this CJ-3A was passed to my uncle and then cousin, then my father and finally to me.  Many thanks to the CJ-3A page as the website has helped a great deal with my semi-restoration of this family heirloom.  It still is running with all original parts, engine, chassis etc.  It is truly one of the greatest representations of Americana:  a war machine becomes a farm implement becomes a recreational vehicle.  None can surpass!"


Steve Hadley's Barn Find Willys


I  have sent you a few photos  to add this Willys to your serial number registry. It is a 1950 CJ3A, SN 49809 that I found in a horse barn in Texas. No kidding. My first vehicle that I owned at the ripe old age of 16 was a 1951 CJ3A back in 1967 and sold a few years later. I have been sorry ever since. So when I found this model, I couldn't resist. Not much is known about it. The previous owner bought it from a rancher that had left it out in the middle of one of his fields. The PO used it mainly for deer hunting on his lease. I have done a total frame off restoration to bring it as close as possible back to original although it was Cypress Green out of the factory and I have painted it Luzon Red with Universal Beige wheels and trim. I have restored it back to 6 volt powered with an Optima Red Top in a replica Willard case. The rear seat is a CJ5A, although you can't tell it now, converted to a short leg, 4" cushion CJ3A version..  Other than those items, I have restored it to stock including the diamond pattern side steps from the "steps in a barrel" from Australia, spring cushion front seats, original engine,etc  Thanks so much for the work that you have done with your website! Please feel free to use as few or as many of these photos as you want. ;  Thanks again and feel free to let me know if you need anything else.