1949 CJ-3A Owners Photos


Glen's 1949 family farm Jeep

Glen's 3A was the first submission to the 3A page and oddly enough, the paint scheme matches mine exactly!


Webb Worth's '49 3A

Webb writes: "It is not what is left but what I have to start with and what it will be.  The young man on the jeep is Anthony my son and he has a ways to go before he is complete also."


Gary Keating's nice '49 3A



Gary writes: "It's mostly original with added seat belts and roll bar. Has rear PTO with belt
pully attachment, and bed extension option.

Owner -Gary Keating Middleotwn Ct.

Mike Willeson's 3A in South Dakota


Len Antinozzi's Mystery 3A

Len sent in this photo of his mystery 3A.  He has done a lot of investigative work to determine the exact year of his 3A.  Check out his sleuthing skills and restoration on the CJ-3A Page: Len Antinozzi's Restoration

Mark Struhsacker's Potomac Grey 3A

Mark writes: "Here's a bunch of photos of the '49 3A I did a ground up resto on.  Most parts were from the excellent, Walck's 4wd. The roof rods, bows & door frames, were Beachwood, but the canvas is New Life Resources in Bakersfield Vt.  whom I highly recommend, 1/2 the price, and super quality.  Anyway, pick a photo for your owner's photos. I'd be flattered. Oh - the paint is off the '49 chip chart - Potomac Grey (from Beachwood) Mark Struhsacker Morrisville, Vermont"

Danny Raemdonck's Former Belgian Army 3A

Danny writes:  "I am the proud owner of a 1949 cj3a serial 20721.  It was bought by the Belgian army in 1949 and, like many of them, modified to a Belgian semi-M38 to serve the army from 1952 till ... ?  For the Belgian army, the M38 was too expensive at that time.  So they bought a lot of 3a's and rebuild them to become a "Belgian" M38 with a 24V circuit, and some modifications to the frame, body and painting.  So in the end, the modified 3a was more expensive than an original M38.  I bought him in a very good state, just had to do a lot of  cleaning up.  It has also an original 1944 Bantam trailer with it.  For the moment, I am putting him in the original M38 state.  Greetings and good luck building the website.  Danny Raemdonck"

Mike Shaw's Yellow 3A

Mike writes: "I purchased it in August 2002 and had been looking for one this good in original condition. I have taken it down piece by piece as time allows and have cleaned up and painted each piece.It is now Solar Yellow,but the color was red.Hope to register it this spring,looks kind of cool parked in the driveway next to my 2001 Solar Yellow TJ."

Aramis Villalobos's 3A in Costa Rica


Aramis writes: "My name is Aramis Villalobos I'm from San Jose Costa Rica Central America and I'm a happy and proud owner of a 1949 cj3a don't know the serial number since the jeep didn't have any tags when I bought it.  The engine # shows on the right side of the water boss (I believed that's how you write it) GPW219355 I believe this is not correct for this model but it is a Willys engine from a ford jeep. I wish I could find the correct data for it.  Any how I'm still happy with it, I've try to keep it and restored as original as possible right now it's got the military look but that might change in a short time since I'm planning to repainted (thinking of black) what you think Sir?  Any ways my inquiry is to the possibility that you guys post a picture of it on your page I would be more than honor to see it on this wonderful and most informative actually I have learn quiet a bit  about my jeep thanks to this page.  Please don't hesitate to write me on any inquire or advise that you might have related to my Willys."

Emmett's TN 3A

Emmett writes: "Here is a picture of my CJ3A I just purchased. I am working on it now. Runs and drives. It has body rust which I am replacing with new panels, front floor complete, right side panel, right cowl panel. The other side is minor and I will weld in metal patches. The tags have been taken off. They titled it by the engine number, I assume, which I cant read due to decking block on rebuild. You can see where there was two tags by the air filter. So I assume it is an early 1949. Will know more when I get it apart to inspect running gear for numbers. The title reads Jeep 1949 - Serial #3J114622. There is also a brass tag riveted to side of the engine that says rebuilt engine. Plus some things I cant read on it yet. I need the engine out to read it clearly. Will enclose picture of that also. Last owner owned it since 1970. Its original color is Luzon Red. Bottom coat under ever thing, I took off. I will keep you updated as I go along.  Emmett, Lancaster, TN" 

Glenn Byron's 3A

Glenn writes: "Hi Slick Willy, This new to me '49 CJ3A is as I just bought it finishing driveway duty in snowy Maine. It is sn# CJ3A 31149, Motor # 3J31507. I owned it back in the 80's, a nice solid original. Over the years the man I sold it to rebuilt components as needed, painted a nonoriginal red, added the JC Whitney top. The Scheneker Iron Works Snow Plow made in Buffalo cost $215 in 1949 with a manual hydraulic lift. It now has the common here in Maine Jeep Hi-Lo generator mounted pump. Along with the 4 weed type tire chains, this is a real workhorse. The next pictures I send, I hope this little Jeep will have the K&K Mower from Denver CO. installed. When new in 1949 the mower cost $285- manual lift or $310 with hydraulic lift. The manual we have on The CJ3A Page does not show the hydraulic lift, so time will tell how it goes. Add this to the list of Jeeps to go with my 1953 CJ3A Farm Jeep. Thanks, Glenn Byron, Smithfield, Maine"

Donald Montoya's 1949 CJ-3A

Donald writes: "Attached is my 1949 CJ3A. I would really appreciate it if you can put it up on your 3A site. The serial # is 13478, It was originally Luzon Red but now Candy Apple red. I reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I really enjoy your site. Keep up the great work"

Gulten & Ertugrul Birel's Turkish 3A

Gulten writes:  "Hello from Turkey, Me and my husband have a CJ-3A jeep which is produced in 1949.  Motor no is 3J20479 and body no CJ3A20080.  It was very bad when we bought it.  The seller made the car longer than the original one to carry on more person.  Your website was one of the many sites that we have benefit from.  We preferred to form a military version.  We hope you like it.  Thank you for your nice website, Gulten & Ertugrul Birel.  Istanbul, Turkey"

William Harris's CJ-3A

William writes:  "Hi! I have attached a photo of my 1949 CJ3A (pic was taken after pulling my wife's Blazer out of the snow). I have owned this CJ since 1999. I am currently working on a frame-off restoration. Serial number is 28924. The engine serial number appears to have been milled off at some point, as the engine has a GPW head and several other Ford engine parts on it. The casting on the block leads me to believe that it is the correct block, though. Transmission has a casting date of 5/2/49, and the transfer case has (as a build date?) 7/6/49 stamped on it. The body was, I believe , originally Sportsman Green (under several layers of paint). I haven't gotten to the rims yet to try and determine what their original color was.  Thanks for the site and your efforts expended towards it. William Harris."

William LaBarbera's Potomac Grey 3A


Bill writes: "When I bought my CJ it was running, but had only 50% Willys parts. It took about 6 months to find used parts and have them refinished or rebuilt. I started by rewiring using wire from Vintage Wiring of Maine. I also purchased 3 wheels from Joe Hall of VW of M. I bought 2 more from Northstar Willys along with other replacement parts. Hub of The Willys Jeep Doctor has been a great source of used parts and very helpful with all my novice questions. Carl Walck has quite a few parts in this vehicle, also very helpful with info. Bob Westerman has been wonderful with great pictures of his 3A for my reference. I just put a rebuilt Carter carb in yesterday. Ted's Auto Repair in Maywood Park, Ill did all of the paint and body repair. Dan Horvath is a 2d generation body man. The guy was great matching a paint chip to Potomoc Gray. His crew was very professional with the body-off paint job. Over the winter I plan to rewire for 6V. I have several parts already. I will take this car to Jefferson City,Mo. in Sept.05. Thanks, Bill La Barbera"

Bob Jones's Rescued 3A

Bob writes:  "I just finished reconditioning my 1949 CJ3A Willys and thought you might like to see it.  I purchased this 1949 CJ3A  in June 2003 from my neighbor who found the jeep with a tree growing up through the floor. He had  the engine, transmission and transfer case rebuilt . I replaced many worn out and missing parts (thank goodness for the web sites such as Bob Westermans of the CJ3A web page with the how to do it pages and the vintage parts companys). The major   non CJ3A item on the jeep (which obviously is a MAJOR item) is the Windshield which I imagine was "pirated" from a 46-48 CJ2A somewhere in it's life The original paint was Pasture Green the vehicle serial number  located on firewall near the air filter is  CJ3A  21774. The electrical system has been converted to 12 volt. But the original 6 volt starter is still used.  Improvements and additions since purchaseTurn signals, seat belts, emergency brake cable,  foot steps for drivers and passengers side. Rebuilt harrison heater. Rebuilt windshield and installed new weather stripping  and new cowl weather strip.  Built new rear seat (thanks to the VERNCO web site), new welting on grill to hood section. Rebuilt steering wheel.  Repaired horn button and installed horn. Rebuilt vacuum wiper and right hand manual wiper. Rebuilt tailgate and chains. Installed new taillights, drivers side mount mirror. Reconditioned engine area, new wires, gas filter, spark plugs and wires etc. New rear tire carrier mount installed. Replaced clutch and brake pedal damping pads.  Built new foot starter push rod plate,  new battery hold down frame.  Welded fenders. Installed door webbing retainer straps for right and left side. Extensive body work. Sprayed with 4 coats of Hesston Red. Fabricated frame for the top from electrical conduit, and thanks to the sewing skills of my  wife Phyllis we came up with a vinyl top. Paint used on the windshield inner frame and other are was a black/silver hammered  finish."


Rob Connelly's '49 3A


Robert writes:

"Here are a few shots of my '49 CJ3A (S/N CJ3A27101). It was in dilapidated condition when I purchased it. It had served farm duty all it's life, and had sat, uncovered under a tree the last 10 years before I picked it up.

It was reasonably solid and all the original parts and pieces were still present or available.

For the last few years as budget allowed I've refurbished it.

Brake lines, partial engine rebuild (hoses, rings, bearings, lap valves, rebuild carburetor, etc), rebuilt steering box, re-wired, tires, seat stuffing, and spot painting.

It now is a dependable, reliable, almost daily driver.

Next up "as time and mission permits" is saving for an eventual frame-off proper restoration and engine rebuild to finish it up right.

Meantime my daughter and I run it as much as we can on local backroads and trips to the snack bar.

Thanks, Rob Connelly    Jericho, Vermont