Transmission and Transfer Case

There won't be much covered here, just a few photos.  The section on rebuilding the Spicer 18 transfer case       in the tech tips sections goes into great detail on how to do it. 


The first step in cleaning my Spicer 18 transfer case was to remove the rear nut (duh... I know).

This was my redneck way of pulling the rear drum.  Ideally a 3-prong puller works best.

Here you can see the E-brake assembly.  Mine was filled with rocks and twigs.  The case will be treaded to all new E-brake hardware.

Here is the backing plate with the hardware removed.  This will all be cleaned up and painted prior to the new brake hardware being installed.

Save yourself a lot of effort and take the case to a machine shop to have it cleaned.  This cost me $10 and saved a lot of time and cuss words.

The parts were painted and reassembled using new gaskets and seals.

The e-brake was cleaned and treated to all new hardware.