The tires that came on Eugene were pretty old and dry rotted, and I wanted to put on original non-directional tires, or NDTs.  The best (and only) place I found the NDTs here in Southern California was Performance Tire in Long Beach.  The tires I ordered were Firestone 6 ply NDTs, and turned out to be pretty rugged 8 ply.

Here's what I had to start with.  The rims were in pretty good shape and still had the original pinstripe.

I was still undecided about what color to paint them...

So I coated them in POR-15 to seal out the rust....

...Then I used POR-15 Tie-Coat as a primer (that baby blue almost looks cool!)

Then the rims got painted Wake Ivory, which looks too yellow to me.  To paint the pinstripe, I jacked up each wheel, then using a Sharpie I spun the wheel around to give me a guide line.

Then each freakin' pinstripe was hand painted using Testors Gloss Black model paint. 

Some 2As and 3As did have these trim rings.  I am trying to decide whether or not to keep them.