Stripping Eugene Down


Not much to document here.  Taking apart a flatfender is real easy and I've gotten it down to a science.  This one took about 5 hours to strip down to the frame, and that includes a compression test!

The plan from here is to pull the rest of the drivetrain, strip, clean, rebuild and paint the axles and frame, then rebuild the motor.  From there I will work on the body.

The first thing I checked was compression.  I was hoping the motor was still good.  But as you can see in the photo, 70psi is not the recommended 90-110psi.  Looks like I will be rebuilding the motor!


I found treasure trove under the gas tank.  Lots of spiders, money, and pine needles.


Down to the bare frame.


I inspected the frame for damage and only found a small tear in the rear crossmember where someone wrapped a chain around it.  Also, the battery tray has some rust.

The motor and components look good.  Everything came off without busting any bolts!