Restoring Dualmatic Hubs

The original Dualmatic hubs seem to be the coolest hub you can put on a Jeep.  Through fellow Jeeper Steve Bovee and further research, it was determined that early Dualmatic hubs were painted a dark metallic blue.  Steve was nice enough to provide me a scan of his original label for me to copy.  Through the use of Photoshop and a local printer, I was able to closely duplicate the original label.  I have a limited quantity of these labels left, so if you need some, please email me.

Here is what most Dualmatics look like.  The paint is long gone and the labels fell off.

The hubs are a very simple design.  They were taken apart, cleaned, and prepped for paint.

Here is a scan of the original label.

And a photo of a painted hub.

This is what the new labels look like.

The color I found that closely matched was Rustoleum Metallic Cobalt Blue.  With new hardware and the label applied, the hubs look brand new!