Restoration Details



My tailgate chains were fairly rusted....

To remove the old chains, heat up the hook until red hot, then pry it open.  Keeping it red hot, place the new chain on and hammer it closed.

After a good turn on the wire wheel and some naval jelly, the tailgate chains are good as new!

Small parts awaiting fresh paint.

The headlight buckets get painted the original dark brown color

The Donaldson oil bath air cleaner gets a good sanding, cleaning, and fresh paint.

The rest of the small parts get cleaned and prepped for paint.

The air cleaner is reassembled and a new Donaldson label from Walcks is added.

Now it was time to move on to restoring the original steering wheel.  Several companies sell resto kits for your wheel, but I prefer just using a little J.B. Weld.

As you can see, I had some pretty big cracks.  The first thing I did was degrease and clean the wheel thoroughly.  Then simply apply the J.B. Weld.

After letting it set up for a few hours, I use a razor blade to smooth the material out and remove any excess.

Once the epoxy dries, I used a die grinder to remove the excess, then sanded with progressively finer sand paper.

The cracks got filled in nicely

After a few coats of paint, the wheel is ready for install.  Good as new!

I got the 4 Wheel Drive stencil from Walcks.  It was lined up according to factory specs found on the CJ3B page.

The color I picked was Wake Ivory, which in this photo looks pretty yellow.

Instead of buying a new gas tank this time, I decided to try POR-15s gas tank restoration kit.

After a good rinsing with water, the Metal-Ready is poured in to prep the metal for paint.  Here you can see the bare metal after being etched.