Rebuilding the Carter W-O Carb

A pretty good rebuilding guide was written by Richard Meagley and posted on his website Mightymo.Org.  For that reason, and the fact that I used his rebuilding guide to rebuild my own WO, I won't go in to too much detail here.

Thankfully, Eugene still had the original Carter W-O carb.  For originality, not functionality, I wanted to keep it.  A newer carb called a Solex, is also available as a replacement today.

I got my rebuild kit from Walck's (case not included).  I like to organize all the parts and spread them out.  The case keeps me from losing the little pieces.

Having gotten way ahead of myself rebuilding carbs in the past and not remembering how they go back together, I now take photos from all sides to show how the linkages go back together.

Throttlebody.  The Carter W-O is very simple and comes apart into three sections.

After the rebuild and all clean!

Brand new carb!

Update 3/12/07:  My "rebuilt" carb never seemed to operate correctly, so I bought a show-quality rebuilt W-O from Kaiser-Willys.  I am very pleased with the quality and it ran correctly right out of the box.  All my carburetor woes have been fixed!

Here's the carb installed and it looks and functions great!