How To Replace Your Windshield Glass



Replacing or removing your glass may sound difficult, but wait!  It's not that bad.  Also, on most 3A's, the windshield gasket is two pieces, which actually makes it harder to install.

My old gasket was bad, so I used a razor blade to cut out it out.  To remove a good gasket without damaging it, click on the link above.

The first thing you do is install the gasket around the glass, then some rope or wire around it.  Make sure the ends overlap by about 12".

Place the glass against the frame from the front (this is where two people are handy).  Here I placed the glass on the bench, then put the frame on top of it.  The weight of the frame was sufficient to "push" the glass int he frame.  Then gently pull the cord out and it will pull the gasket over the lip.  This is where petroleum jelly would come in very handy.

Next, place the locking piece in the channel and work it around the frame.  I'll warn you now, this was NOT easy!!!  It took me two hours!

I used a 1/4" socket extension to spread the gasket and a flathead screwdriver to force the locking piece in.  I also used a lot on Windex to lube it.  I'd be willing to be that glass shops have a tool to install this gasket in a snap!!!

The plus side of removing the windshield is that it looks better that trying to paint around it, and you can say you did it yourself instead of paying a glass shop!