The new data plate looks good!

The Donaldson air cleaner gets installed with the correct brackets and thumbscrews.

Auto-Lite generator

Gas pedal with new boot.

I used an old tire to make new body mounts.  The several plys of rubber are a close match to the original mount.  You can also see the nice clean underside of the body.

All new welting was used in between the fenders and body.  The welting was from Northstar Willys.

Even the steering column was treated to new welting.

For some reason the the original headlight buckets were this shade of brown, so they were treated to fresh paint and reinstalled.

The brown makes an interesting contrast.

I chose a set of NACO tail lights, while not 100% original, they are the closest thing on the market right now.

Both pedals received new draft pad kits from Walcks.

The parking brake cable was cleaned and lubed, and installed with the correct hardware.

This is the correct mount for the parking brake cable on the center crossmember.

With the fenders and grill installed, Eugene is finally coming back to life.  This is the point when all that hard work pays off.

The grill got new welting and a windshield hold down strap.

The back end of Eugene is looking good!  See the Restoration Details section for the painting of the tailgate.

The radiator and shroud got a good cleaning and repaint.

The radiator is installed with these correct capture nuts.

A new steering column boot is stalled with the correct hold down brackets.

The wiring harness showed up from Walcks and I must say I was impressed.  The harness includes all the correct cloth covered wire.  Installation was simple and straight forward.

This a just an example photo of the cloth covering and original style connectors.

Instead of buying a new 3 post junction block for the fender, I restored my old one.

The kit even had the headlight plugs installed.

Here you can see the 6v battery with correct hold down bracket and J-bolts I fabricated. 

No detail is left out.  Here you can see the toolbox gasket installed.

New shifter boots from Northstar Willys.

With the windshield installed, it's all starting to come together!

See How to Replace Your Windshield Glass

It never feels good to drill holes in a nice shiny, freshly painted body!!!

I actually did a lot of research to make sure the spare tire carrier was installed oriented the correct way.  This is a new carrier from Walcks.

The only new hand-operated windshield wiper on the market is for a CJ-2A.  As you can see here, it's too short.  The 3A wiper was 2" longer. 

The wiper is cut and a 2" section of steel is cut to fit.  As you can see, all the ends are angled to allow more weld penetration.

Here's the arm welded

...and the finished product

The seat frames were in excellent condition, but the covers needed to be changed

I found a Time Capsule while recovering the seats!

I chose black vinyl seat covers from New Life Resources (see the Parts Suppliers section).

Tailgate chain covers from Northstar Willys

Lookin' good!

Hood blocks from Walcks

I installed a new mirror kit from Walck's.  It came in olive drab, so I took it apart and painted it gloss black.

Pretty much done, with the exception of small details.  I still have not started it up yet!

My vacuum wiper motor is from a 2A and is temporary until I find the correct Trico motor.

Here is the correct routing of the vacuum line.

Both wipers are now installed.

I installed new seatbelts from Westco Performance.

The dual action fuel pump adds two more lines to the already crowded left side.  There are five lines all competing for the same space.  I tried to match a factory photo of the routing of these lines.

No, I am not in Minnesota, but these original 1950 license plates will look good on it at car shows.  I really want to find some 1950 Colorado plates.

The air cleaner tube is finally installed with the correct hose clamps.  Note the correct clamps on the oil filler vent tube as well.