Pulling The Drivetrain



This is probably the dirtiest part of the disassembly process.  Usually you find 50 years worth of grease and dirt, which of course I did.  I was also pleased to find milky brown fluid in the tranny and transfer case!  Anyway, all went well.

After dropping the driveshafts, I supported the motor with a jackstand in order to drop the crossmember.  Notice the milky brown fluid that came out of both the tranny and transfer case!

I pulled the head now because I was curious as to what the cylinders and valves looked like.  Since my engine serial number was grinded off, I assumed this motor was rebuilt at some point.  After measuring the cylinders, mine came it at about 3.159 inches, a difference of about .030 over the original 3.125 to 3.127 cylinder bore size.

The tranny came out real easy of course and the bellhousing was next.  After that I pulled the clutch and fly wheel.  The clutch looked good and there was no major scoring in the flywheel.

The engine hoist is in position to pull the motor out tomorrow!  I can't wait to start rebuilding the motor.  I still have to take out those studs though....

Obviously the last step in pulling the drivetrain is pulling the motor!  Nothing exciting here....