Installing The Correct Pushrod Starter Setup

**Please note that this is not the proper installation for a CJ3A. Some information in this article need to be revised and corrected.** When the manufacture of the 3A began, Willys engineers changed from a electric push button starter to a mechanical linkage type starter.  My 3As mechanical starter system had been modified to a simple straight pedal (seen below), this relocated the pedal about 3" to the right of the original location.  This also ended up being right behind the Harrison heater I was trying to install.  So the search for the correct pedal was started and I finally found one!!  You can see the two pedals below and the difference.

My rigged pedal is on top.  It is actually an old valve out of on engine.  The original pedal I found in below.

This is a photo showing the correct pushrod and bushing on Tony Morreale's 3A.

I made a similar bushing for the pedal in my shop

With the linkage installed you can see how the pedal mounts up high and bends down to meet the starter.  My old pedal went straight back.

And the final product...  Looks almost exactly like the original on the right!

My pedal even has the original rubber boot.