Installing an Optima Battery

Installing an Optima battery is a must in any vehicle I own.  They are worry-free and maintenance free.  They won't leak, they have higher cranking amps, and they have never let me down.  Optima has had a 6 volt version of their spiral cell battery for a while, but the odd shape of the battery makes it stick out like a sore thumb in a restored vehicle.  Well, a while back someone finally came up with battery box to conceal the Optima.  If you are looking for the battery box, contact Kirk White at, or Quail Service in CA at 951-737-1766.

Here is the ret top 6 volt Optima.  You can see the odd shape would make it stick it.  Now, the cool thing is that you could buy two and run them in a series or keep one next to it as a spare.

Here is the battery box for the Optima.  It is designed to resemble an older 6 volt battery.

The original battery hold down bracket must to lengthened slightly to fit battery box cover.

I just cut a few small pieces of the same gauge steel and weld them in.

The 6 volt Optima sits in the box at an angle.  I use the extra space in the box to store an extra cap and rotor, plugs, points, and other necessities.

And here is the final install.  It still maintains the original look of the engine compartment.