Installing a PTO behind an Overdrive

To me, Jeeps are like Legos or a Swiss Army Knife, you can build them however you want and add all sorts of cool stuff.  Now, there is a limit to the number of Lego blocks you can add to the drivetrain, and installing a PTO behind an overdrive is pretty much the limit.  Follow along as I install a PTO adapter and install a coveted M38 PTO behind my overdrive to power a front mounted PTO winch and rear PTO gearbox with pulley.


To install the PTO adapter on the back of the overdrive, remove the rear bearing cap, nut, and splined spacer.

The place the gear, washer, nut and cotter pin on the shaft.

Then simply bolt on the PTO spacer.

Then the PTO just bolts right on.

This shot shows the overdrive, spacer, PTO, and PTO driveshaft.  You can also see the hole for the PTO shifter cut in the floor (man it sucks to cut holes in a pristine body!)


One thing to note in the installation was that the PTO spacer and PTO did interfere with the body.  I simply lowered the transmission crossmember, bolted everything on, the jacked everything back up.  If you have 1/2" or thicker body mounts, then you should be okay - I am using original 1/4" rubber mounts.

Still more to come.....