Installing a Novi Engine Governor

If you have a rear PTO and are running accessories like a buzz saw or other farm equipment, then you need an engine governor.  The governor effectively maintains RPMs under varying load conditions.  For the 3A, any of the three main governor brands (Monarch, King-Seeley, and Novi) would be correct, but the later Novi would be more appropriate.  The other two brands require slight modification to the radiator shroud.  If you want a governor, prepare to pay big bucks!

Here is what you need:  The governor, mounting bracket, t-handle & carb linkage, double-groove pulley, and belt (Napa XL 25 9480).

The Novi I found was in excellent condition and showed almost no wear.  All I needed to do was replace the case seal.

To install the new warning tag, I use my vice instead of a hammer to install the correct drive rivets.

The 3As have a knock-out on the firewall for the cable.

And the dash has a knock-out for the t-handle.

All the linkages are installed.  The owners manual goes in to detail on how to properly adjust everything.

And the final installation.  The governor is filled with 2oz of oil and is ready for it's new life.  You will notice a little more noise coming from under the hood - that's the governor.