Frame Work



I got the frame stripped totally down and will repair and get it ready for paint:

I stripped everything off the frame and started by removing the big chunks of dirt and grease with a scraper and flat screwdriver.  I then used a shop vac to suck out 50 years worth of dirt in boxed portion of the frame.

Here is one of the repairs I will need to make.  This is where someone wrapped a chain around the frame.

My front bumper is beyond repair, so I ordered a new repro one from Krage.

This is a tear in the front left gusset I will need to repair.

Removed the front bumper - it was in a lot worse condition than I thought!

First I pounded the tear flat, then using a die grinder I clean the area and put a small V groove in the crack.  (Those rivets on the right still need to be removed).

Next, a nice weld...

Then it is ground smooth.  I will also do a weld from the bottom to complete the repair.

One of the shock mounts had a broken weld, so I cleaned it up....

....and matched the factory welds.

The frame is upside down in this photo, but here are the two tears in the rear frame where someone had wrapped chain around it.  These were pounded flat, welded, and ground smooth.

The frame was thoroughly cleaned, degreased, and treated to a coat of semi-gloss POR-15.  The result is a brand new frame!

This is the repaired front frame.  Good as new!

Back view of the new frame....

I ordered a new Omix-Ada bumper from Krage Motorsports and it matched up pretty well.

To match the original rivets, I used carriage bolts and ground the heads down to match the rivets.  After a coat of POR-15 to match the frame, it looks good as new!