Fabricating a Rear Gas Can Carrier

I wanted a gas can mounted somewhere on Eugene, but did not want to drill any new holes.  What I decided to fabricate was a mounting system that bolts to the rear draw bar and can be taken off with the pull of a hitch pin.  I will also use a period correct 1951 Conco gas can.

Here is the gas can I used.  It's a 1951 Conco can and will be the perfect "vintage" addition to Eugene.

I did not want to drill any holes in the body and I wanted a carrier that could be removed as well.  Here I fabricated a pin welded to 1/4" plate that bolts to the rear drawbar.  It is held underneath by another 3/8" plate.

The can carrier itself is a vintage Blitz carrier from the late 70's that came bolted to the side of Eugene.  I thought it would be neat to reuse it.  This carrier was welded to some 2" steel tubing...

Then that steel tubing just slides right over the pin mounted on the drawbar.  For easy removal, just slide out this retaining pin, then lift the whole carrier off.

Here is the can painted and mounted.

I made sure to leave room for the left tail light and rear PTO.