Axles Meet Frame



Usually I like finish the axles, bolt up the tires, then roll them under the frame to bolt up the springs.  But since I am waiting for my four new brake backing plates to show up, I decided to move forward without them.

The springs that came on Eugene were two original ones and two aftermarket ones, and worst of all, one was broken.  I had no choice but to buy four new springs.  I made sure the ones I got were quality and had the military wrap.  Once again, I got one set from Krage, and the other from Kaiser Willys.

My U shackles were pretty worn, so I decided to order four new ones.  I made sure to get two original left hand thread shackles for the left front and right rear, and right hand thread for the remaining shackles.  Make sure when you install the left hand thread shackles that the crazy left hand thread is on the bottom.

All new hardware was used to install the axles and they were torqued to specs.  You can also see the new bumpstop and differential housing hardware in the photo below.

...and the rear axle is in place...

It's starting to look like a brand new Willys!